Why User Experience (UX) matters in iOS and Android mobile apps?

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Mobile technology has revolutionized the businesses and they are going for mobile app development at a fast pace. As a result, the market is flooding with several apps every day. However, amongst millions of mobile apps in the app market, how many of them are successful?

One thing that is common in all successful apps is their exceptional look and feel. The factors like functionality and usability of an app contribute to positive user experience (UX). They decide the success or failure of the app. So, in the UI UX design process, it is imperative to consider such factors and make the apps appealing and interactive.

Why User Experience (UX) matters in mobile apps?

User experience is one of the most critical factors of mobile app development. It not only creates the first impression of the apps on the users but also helps to maintains it till the end. Whichever may be the platform- Android or iOS, a good UI UX design can be very profitable to the apps and their owners.

Let’s look at why UI UX design matters in mobile apps and what impact does it makes on the end-users?

Captivating and engaging the end-users

First few minutes when a user first explores your app are crucial. If they find the app captivating, user-friendly and helpful, they will continue using the app or simply leave it. A great UI UX design helps in holding the users’ attention at initial stages and engaging them further.

Higher customer satisfaction and improved ROI

A good UI UX design helps the users with easy navigation to the solution they are looking for in the app. They can swiftly take advantage of the services provided by the app and be contented. Satisfied customers recommend the app to others which increases your customer base and improves the ROI of the business.

Brand Awareness

A good app is like a brand in itself which improves the credibility of your business and builds value for your business. Investing in a high-quality user experience design will enhance customer satisfaction in the long term. If the customers are happy, they will try new features and spread a good word about the app. As a result, brand awareness improves.

Saves time and money

If the Ul UX design is done rightly at the initial stage, there can be minimum errors in the app in the later stages. It will require lesser upgrades in the future. Such a flawless app will not only save your time and money but also create an ever-lasting impression on the users.

Getting better ranking on the app stores

Higher the numbers of users liking the app, the higher are the chances that the app will be featured on the app stores. If you make sure that you provide the users with exceptional user experience, they will be happy with the app and provide good ratings and reviews. It ultimately increases users of the app and helps you get featured on the app stores.

Significant UX design aspects to consider for Android app development:

For providing a good user experience in Android apps, one should consider the below-mentioned aspects while Android app development

  • Go for adaptive Android design so that the design and layout for different Android devices are accurate and uniform.
  • Make sure that navigation to the features of the app properly assists the users. It should be done as per Google’s guidelines.
  • One should do iterations of UI designs to create a good user experience in Android apps.

Significant UX design aspects to consider for iOS app development:

Apple is well-known for having the best UX design. To get such a design, the developers must consider some parameters while iOS app development, as mentioned below:

  • Use larger visuals and formats in the iOS apps, ensure proper alignment and spacing in the content.
  • Always use clear and high-resolution images in the apps. Low-resolution images affect the user-experience badly.
  • Using appropriate text size, style of the text, spacing, etc. is important for a clear view and great user experience.
  • Use interactive elements like color, icons, theme, etc. that make the content readable and appealing.



Whether attracting the users, creating a good impression on them or improving sales through the app, UI UX design has a crucial role to play here. Amongst unlimited apps on the app stores, the ones with a rich user-experience have higher chances of ruling the mobile market.

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