The Wild Side Of Bardia National Park

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The Wild Side Of Bardia National Park

Tiger spotting is one thing which makes Jungle safari in Bardia National Park so exciting, an experience for a lifetime. Bardia National Park is one place where you can spend days and weeks, exploring something new every day. Even if one goes with full planning, they will fall short of days. Being close to nature and experiencing things which are just out of the world, makes you realize how different is the world out there, with so much noise and non-stop things happening there, you often forget to spend time with nature and yourself and just being away from that world you find inner peace and happiness. One who has been to Bardia National Park once can vouch that it is one of the best wildlife tours in India.

Nature unfolds itself in a different way and we get to see the different shades of it, each shade has its own beauty and significance. We cannot explore everything in just a few days but these are the steps through which we come more close to the amazing wilderness that our country has to offer. Bardia National Park is one place where the population of animals increased naturally and one who visits Nepal cannot miss the chance of visiting this place. You can read about the place on the web but you will get to know what actually the place is like and why it is so famous only when you visit this place yourself.

One might plan to go only for jungle safari in Bardia National Park but apart from just jungle safari, there are a lot more things that you can do there. Some of the exciting and adventurous things are:

Trekking in Jungle

No doubt that jungle safari is exciting and the most famous thing to do in Bardia National Park but what can be more exciting and unforgettable is walking through the thick and deep jungle. Walking in a group and with a guide who is making you spot the animal trails, telling you about facts about the place which usually no one knows is a very different yet special kind of feeling. The place is not visited by many locals and have a peaceful and beautiful environment.

Spotting the magnificent birds

With housing more than 250 species of bird, another interesting thing that one might do in Bardia National Park is bird watching. From different way of flying to hearing the birds chirp, just looking at the birds while they feed their babies food are some things which are surreal and leaves you a feeling that you can’t explain in words. Spotting every kind of animal is exciting and gives your insight into so many things.

Boating and fishing in Bardia

One usually prefers to walk in the jungle or go for the safari in a jeep but apart from these things, you can also go for boating and in Bardia and have a look at wildlife in a very different way. With boating, you can also try your hand at fishing but prior permission is required for it and all the fishes have to be put back in the river. Though boating is exciting, one should be careful of the crocodiles and check everything with the tourist guide in advance.

Visit temples

After all the exciting and adventurous activities, one can find peace at the temples and religious places in Bardia. Not being so old yet you can experience calmness here and can know more about the culture of the place. Shiva temple is one of the oldest temples there and one can interact with locals there and listen to their interesting stories about the place.

Taking a tour of Tharu Cultural Museum

Apart from exploring the temples and religious places, one can visit the famous museum which is inside the park only and displays cultural clothing, kitchenware, historic equipment etc. You can know interesting facts about the culture there.

Already excited for one of the best wildlife tours in India? Take your experience up by a notch and visit the Bardia National Park. The best time to visit this place is from mid-September to mid-December and from onset of February to end of May. Get ready for a wild adrenaline rush.

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