Microsoft allows companies to expand compatibility with Windows 7 for three years

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Last fall, Microsoft representatives announced that they would provide extended security updates for Windows 7 for three years, until January 2023. Currently, these are security patches / patches that Microsoft provides for free. Windows 7 users. Windows 7 is always available. Support provided by Microsoft until January 14, 2020. Windows 7 ESU is sold device by device. The price increases every year. Strengthen your role as a trusted advisor by working with your clients to ensure they get the security they need when they move to windows 10 oem key purchase. SMEs can buy from ESU for up to 10 years. three years providing them with a qualified cloud solution provider partner, authorities said.

Microsoft provides more Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) clients. Instead of providing large companies with volume licensing agreements, Microsoft will provide ESU to companies of all sizes, officials said Oct. 1.

Previously, Windows 7 ESU was only available for volume-licensed customers of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise.

Microsoft’s approach to providing customers with extended security updates for Windows 7 (ESU) has changed dramatically. In addition to large companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can now also acquire ESU. In addition, they can extend support for Windows 7 for 3 years, even if you pay.

Windows 7 support for companies of all sizes, extended for 3 years

Microsoft announced that SMU ESU support could extend to three years if it was acquired by qualified partners of cloud solution providers. Previously, Windows 7 ESU was only available for volume-licensed customers of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. It is important to keep in mind that the service is per device and not per user, and that the price per device depends on the year and the edition of Windows 7. The price of support starts at $ 50 per user per year. and twice a year. As a result, companies will have to pay $ 100 and $ 200 in the coming years.

Jared Spataro, vice president of Microsoft 365, wrote:

Microsoft recognizes that commercial users need to be protected against new threats. As a result, the company agreed to continue providing critical and security updates for systems running Windows 7. However, each product has a life cycle, although Microsoft relentlessly insists that users switch to the latest version. Windows version: windows , which forces you to continue implementing full vulnerability patches to make the operating system as secure as possible.

Windows 7 ESU prices are not cheap, especially for customers who want to use them on several PCs. They are more expensive than the Enterprise version for customers using the Pro version of Windows. The price of ESU is $ 25 per device for Windows Enterprise users in the first year and $ 100 per device for the third year. For commercial users, the price of ESU varies from $ 50 per device in the first year to $ 200 per device in the third year.

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