3 Interesting Facts About Kilo E-Liquids You Didn’t Know

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Vaping has been around for years, but it’s always evolving. The top vape brands focus on expanding awareness about the benefits of vaping to create a smoke-free world. Among them, Kilo E-Liquids marks the leading spot for their premium quality and expertly crafted flavors. 

Kilo E-Liquids first brought their products into the market in 2014, when vaping started to boom. Since then, they have emerged victorious in the world and continue to do so with every e-liquid they release.

If you are new to vaping or just want to freshen your experience, it’s time for you to get familiar with this iconic brand. Here are the top interesting facts about Kilo E-Liquids that you should know!

#1. Kilo E-Liquids Was Established In 2014

Kilo E-Liquids is a Southern California based brand founded as early as 2014. Unlike many existing brands today, they have lived along with the development of the vaping industry, and their contribution is indeed remarkable.

They brought a fantastic collection of premium quality Kilo vape juices into the market, becoming one of the most sought-after brands for vapers. Not to mention – their originality, iconic style, and amazing range of balanced flavors are something worth cherishing. 

Another interesting thing to note about the brand is “MMXIV” that often follows its name. This mix of Roman Numerals means the year 2014, which is when Kilo E-Liquids was established.

#2. Kilo E-Liquids Is A Full Range Of Vape Juice Collection

Believe us or not, Kilo E-Liquids has been a phenomenal brand from the start. They once consisted of 45 flavors in their collection. They won several awards for their top-notch quality and unique range of Kilo vape flavors.

In addition, they seamlessly categorize each of their flavors, making it easy for you to find your suitable flavor. For instance, if you are in the sweet tooth, you can take pleasure in their creamy or milky blends: Kilo Cereal Milk, Kilo Dewberry Fruit, Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry, Kilo Kiberry Yoghurt, and more. 

On the other hand, if you like to savor mouth-watering tart, flavors from Kilo Sour Series, such as Kilo Green Apple Sour, Kilo Blue Raspberry Sour, Kilo Mango Tango Sour, and others are great options. 

However, the unfortunate fact is that many iconic Kilo juices will no longer be available in the market due to the requirement they have endured as a result of PMTA. 

#3. Kilo E-Liquids Premarket Tobacco Application

Kilo E-Liquids have complied with FDA and submitted their PMTA to ensure that their products still run on the market. Unfortunately, they have eliminated many of their fascinating flavors. As a result, you’ll now only be able to enjoy 8 Kilo juice flavors in freebase and salt nicotine.

Although, some of their oldest products are still available in the market today.

Bottom Line

Kilo E-Liquids is a trailblazing brand of the vape industry. Whether you are new to vaping or looking forward to elevating your vaping experience, Kilo vape juices can be a great choice to go on a spree. So, wait no more and browse the collection today to find the flavor that best suits your taste buds!

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