Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes on CBD and Alcohol Recovery

CBD and alcohol recovery is a multi-faceted topic. You may drink the occasional beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage but not be considered an alcoholic. Alcohol still damages the liver, etc, whether you are an alcoholic or not. So, the first aspect of alcohol and CBD is the fact that CBD protects against alcohol-induced cell
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Is CBG The New CBD – Check Out CBG For Anxiety

CBD is generally the hemp-plant derived compound and has the most familiar cannabinoid called THC that consists of psychoactive properties that will make you high or give you euphoria. It contains more than 120 cannabinoids and THC that’s the only compound with the capacity of intoxicating. In fact, the human body actually has it’s own
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Beginners Guide to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Recreational cannabis products are completely legal in Canada for possession and consumption. Therefore, both brick & mortar stores, as well as online stores, are mushrooming rapidly all over the country. A large number of weed consumers buy their stuff from the local market. However, lack of varieties and quality concerns become the reasons for dissatisfaction.
5 Reasons You MUST Use CBD Hemp Flower

5 Reasons You MUST Use CBD Hemp Flower

Some people use CBD hemp flower in baking or cooking since CBD is fat soluble. This is a relatively simple way to create a CBD infused oil or butter.  For those who choose to consume the CBD flower in this manner, it is important to know that it will take longer to impact the body
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Pre-rolled Cones Are On A Huge Demand

It takes just an Arabic gum paper, filter and dry buds of weed. Joint is the simplest way to get high on weed without investing heavily on peripheral devices. If you are a beginner, raw pre-rolled cones are available to fill dry herbs. After watching some online tutorials, you can also manage to roll a
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How To Check The Quality Of Hemp Flowers?

Marijuana users find it difficult to buy quality hemp flowers. In recent years, the industry’s quality and presentation standards have improved dramatically. And newcomers to the world of marijuana are not completely aware of the different quality levels that exist. Therefore, below we explained how one could check the quality of the hemp flowers and
Advantages of Consuming Raw CBD Buds and Where to Find Them

Advantages of Consuming Raw CBD Buds and Where to Find Them

Since we started realising the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, the market of CBD products abruptly rises. This phytocannabinoids comprises a lot of health benefits that directly benefit our physical and mental health. Right now, the CBD products are trending in the market. It is believed that extracted CBD from the cannabis plant is
CBD How Does it Make You Feel

CBD: How Does it Make You Feel?

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant, along with the more commonly known THC. THC and CBD are oftentimes confused, as one is a compound associated with reduced anxiety, relaxed muscles and joints, and seizure treatment, while the other can produce potent psychoactive effects. CBD is