CBD: How Does it Make You Feel?

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CBD is one of the many chemical compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant, along with the more commonly known THC. THC and CBD are oftentimes confused, as one is a compound associated with reduced anxiety, relaxed muscles and joints, and seizure treatment, while the other can produce potent psychoactive effects. CBD is the former of the two compounds. So, how does CBD make you feel?

Well, the effects can vary person to person, but CBD is not psychoactive. This means that CBD, while it is derived from the cannabis plant, does not in fact make you feel the “high” typically associated with marijuana use. Just because this compound naturally occurs in the cannabis plant does not mean it will get you high or make you feel any different; however, CBD can have an effect on users. People who use CBD report feelings of relaxation or reduced anxiety, as well as relief from muscle pain/cramps and headaches. The effects of course vary with the dosage and person consuming the CBD as very small amounts can have almost no effect at all on most people.

The compound typically misconstrued with CBD is tetrahydrocannabinol sometimes called THC. THC is another compound found in the cannabis plant, and is the one scientists believe is responsible for the characteristic cannabis “high.” While scientists are still unaware of exactly how, CBD and THC can interact and cause a myriad of different effects; however, CBD taken in isolation from THC will not have any debilitating or intoxicating effect. Instead, CBD is often said to have an extremely subtle effect. Users say that the best way to describe the effects of CBD is a general feeling of calm or well being. The experience is not comparable to that of melatonin, in the sense that it does not make you drowsy or sleepy. It can, however, be used as a sleep aid since it is purported to reduce anxiety.

CBD is being transformed into a variety of products designed to be used on the consumer end for many, many different applications. There are topical ointments, oral tinctures, pills, beverages, food stuffs, candies, waxes, and oils containing CBD, each designed for a different application. Since the CBD market is so new and uncharted, new products are being developed and sold every day. Companies producing CBD products look to create the next best product all the time, which almost guarantees that anyone looking for a CBD product can find something they enjoy.

People who have experience using CBD products say that it can be useful in many different circumstances. Different individuals have different wants or needs when first looking to purchase CBD products, meaning everyone should really research what product will work best for them. That being said, because the market is so widespread and varied, CBD can be found for just about any use. There really is no one answer to the question, “how does CBD make you feel?” but those who use it say it can help with any and every health related ailment.

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