5 Errors to Avoid While Vaping

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You might need to take a puff while on a journey, and unfortunately, you are out of vaping juice. This is a vaping error that you could have easily avoided if you took note of various things while vaping. Vaping provides a way to enjoy CBD and other vape juice, relax and calm your nerves. It is gradually gaining ground as many ex-smokers and non-smokers have turned to vape.

Your experience when it comes to vaping, however, is tied to your ability to avoid errors.  One can innocently commit many mistakes while vaping, such as choosing the wrong vape device, failure to maintain your device, and many more. All these errors negatively affect your vaping experience, which could be annoying, especially on a trip. 

New and experienced vapers need to keep many things in mind to have the best vaping experience. From the choice of your vape device to maintenance alongside the selection of your e-liquid, there are many things to keep in mind to enjoy the overall vaping experience. 

To avoid having a bad vaping experience, here are common errors that vapers could innocently commit, which might affect their vaping experience. 

  • Poor Quality Vape Juice

One of the factors that determine your overall vaping experience is the quality of your e-liquid. One significant error you might commit is investing in a cheap e-liquid in a bid to save money. This, without a doubt, will mar your vaping experience. 

Vape Juice is a combination of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and flavors. Vaping juice comes in various forms, which is a factor of the ingredients and determines the overall experience one will get. This makes it essential to experiment with multiple flavors available to pick the one that bursts your bubbles. There are varieties of e-liquid available, making it necessary to select a flavor and nicotine content based on your need. 

  • Buying a Poor Quality Vape Device

Your vape device has a lot to do with your overall vaping experience. As a result, this is a decision you need to be meticulous with. The right vape pen, including hangsen e liquids, is essential to your safety and overall experience. You shouldn’t buy a poor quality vape because of the following:

  • The tendency of the coil burning out
  • Poor battery life
  • Excessive smoke
  • Poor nicotine handling
  • And overall poor performance 

This makes it essential to do adequate research before settling for a vape device. 

  • Vaping Like You are Smoking 

Many first-time vapers are guilty of this, or people who switched to vaping as a means to quit smoking. Vaping and smoking are two distinct experiences that make it essential to know how to inhale the vapor. A chronic smoker that has smoked for years needs to understand that the smoke from a vape device is different. 

With a cigarette, you suck the smoke into your mouth, which will travel through your lungs. If you do this with an e-cig, you will cough a lot since you inhale a thicker smoke. 

When using your vaporizer, make sure to draw a long smoke directly into your lungs. Doing this will give you a nice cloud of vapor. Incorrect inhalation might give you a dry hit which will give a sensation of irritation in your throat. The remedy is to drink water well before taking another puff to soothe the irritated throat. 

  • Failure to maintain Your Device

In the same way, your vehicle requires constant and periodic maintenance for optimum function; you need to maintain your vape device. With this, you can support your device for optimum operation. Failure to maintain your device can shorten its lifestyle and trigger some malfunction down the line, which will affect your vaping experience. 

A vaping device is a one-time investment that will cost a lot. This makes it essential to maintain such a device with the following important tips:

  • Always keep your vape device clean. This involves frequently cleaning the mouthpiece and rinsing the vape tank to get rid of stuck chemicals.
  • It is essential to monitor the battery performance. A battery that drains faster might need to be replaced soon.
  • Change your coil when necessary, especially when you discover deposits on the rings. Also, when vaping gives you a burning sensation, it is time to change the coil. The lifespan of a coil differs from one coil to another; hence take note of the sensation you get while vaping.
  • Failure to Prime the Coil

Coil Replacement is a skill that vapers need to learn, as it is way more than loosening the coils, filling the tanks, and taking a puff. For people vaping with a regular tank, your overall experience is a factor of your coil. There is a slight difference between coils reflected in the size of cloud you get from them, the smoothness of the hit, and the value of the flavor. 

Many newbies make mistakes that might trigger a complete burnout of their coil. The mode of priming is a factor in the type and makeup of your coil. It is, however, easy and takes a couple of seconds. A general method is to put a few drops of your vape juice into the wick placed on the coil. Leave it to sink into the wick before returning to its place. This allows the coil to absorb enough juice before you launch your vape device. 


While no one is above mistake, it is not a license to mess up your vaping experience. These are helpful tips that can guide you from mistakes while vaping. 

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