The Paso CBD Spray Available In The UK Is The Perfect Entry Into CBD

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The Paso CBD spray is a great way to start using CBD products. It’s a cannabis-based spray that’s been enriched with CBD oil, making it a powerful and effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

One of the best things about the Paso CBD spray is that it’s easy to use. You just need to spray it under your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds. The CBD will be absorbed into your bloodstream, and you’ll start to feel some of the effects almost immediately.

Is CBD oil spray the most effective format?

CBD oil spray is the second best way of taking CBD. The first being vaping as the most amount of CBD is absorbed in the quickest time. CBD spray is much better than edibles as it is much more concentrated and does not have to wait to pass through your digestive system. The majority of the CBD will be absorbed under the tongue and then continue on being absorbed as it passes through the body.

What is the CBD oil spray made from? 

Their CBD oil spray is made using broad spectrum CBD (meaning it contains additional cannabinoids, not THC, to improve the effectiveness) derived from hemp suspended in MCT oil. This is then mixed with natural flavouring either mint or orange. 

What flavours do they have?

Many people do not like the taste of hemp which tends to have a bitter, earthy flavour. If this is you, fear not. Their CBD spray comes in orange and mint flavour that deliciously mask the taste of the hemp.

How strong is the Paso CBD oil spray?

Each spray is 10% CBD. When dosing CBD always start low and work your way up. Luckily with the spray format you should be able to tell relatively quickly how you are feeling. 

Where to buy the Paso CBD spray?

The Paso CBD spray is available in the UK, so just head to their website or go to one of their London stockists to purchase. Although not all stockists will carry their oil sprays so simply message them directly should this be the case. 

The Paso CBD spray is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy CBD, particularly important if you are taking CBD as more of a health supplement. The format is also easy to administer and the flavour is perfect for anyone not used to the taste of the natural hemp.

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