5 Types Of Mirrors To Consider For Your Bathroom

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A mirror plays a vital role in giving a bathroom that complete look. Though it is a piece with reflective properties, it is not bound to just that. They have a strong significance in making a statement. From being functional to an element of house decor, bathroom mirrors have many uses.When it comes to buying a mirror for your bathroom, there are two things that you should always consider. One is the area or wall where the mirror will be placed and the other is your bathroom style. Depending on the interior of your bathroom, you should choose a mirror that adds up to it. Apart from that, here are five types of mirror that you can choose from for your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors come in several styles and sizes. Every type has its own pros and cons. But the one that you end up choosing should also have an element of personal choice and preference.

Frameless Mirrors

If your bathroom design is modern and contemporary, you would love the frameless mirrors. They are the best fit for new age bathroom designs. These mirrors provide lighter touch. They define minimalism at its best. They have no wavy frames because as the name suggests, they are frameless. The best perk about frameless mirrors is that they are cheap. Unlike framed mirrors, they cost less and are a good choice to go for. You can even customise its shape as per your requirement and preferences.  Notjust shape but even the size of these mirrors can be exact as you need. Once they are cut, they further attain their finished look after being polished or bevelled.

Ornate Mirrors

If you are not a fan of frameless mirrors then ornate bathroom mirrors can be a good choice for you. As the name suggests they are a little too much. They come in various shapes and sizes with ample frame types. If you have a bathroom with antique fixtures, traditional interior and styling then this would be a perfect match.

Simple Shapes

By simple shapes we mean the basic bathroom mirrors that are available every now and then. They come in all shapes and sizes. From circles to squares to rectangles, you name it the shopkeeper has it. They are generally pre made mirrors but come in almost all sizes. Round mirrors are quite popular amongst this category and suit every bathroom interior.

Vanity Cabinets

Now comes the most executing mirrors for bathroom, vanity mirrors. If you are planning to expand your bathroom by adding some storage space in it then a vanity cabinet should definitely be on your list. These cabinets have a few drawers along with a mirror. They are designed to match every bathroom type.These mirrors are great for makeup and stuff. You can even add extra lights around these mirrors to complete the purpose as well as look.

Suspended Mirrors

Last but not the least in the category of bathroom mirrors comes suspended mirrors. In case you are not willing to mount the mirror over the wall, all you need is suspended mirrors. These mirrors are particularly designed for houses that have stone or any other material wall in them. Suspended mirrors give your bathroom a personalised touch and add up to its beauty in the best possible way.

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