Give Your House A New Style

5 Change in Accessories Will Give Your House A New Style

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The design of the space finishes on the floors and the colour of paint on the wall are important factors when improving a house. But the details are the things that truly give a home its style. You can have the most amazing timber floor; also, the greatest trend colour on your wall. But you didn’t take your time to choose wisely the items that will fill your house.

Accessories are as important as the main details. And just by changing them, you can give a new whole look to your house. Take note of the next items that will help to give your house a new style.

  • Furniture

New tables, new chairs, and new couches. Also if you’re trying to redecorate your bedroom try with new night tables. First of all, if you have your old furniture in good shape, then try to sell it. Maybe your old table is useful for someone else.

Give your old furniture a second life. That way other people can find cheaper furniture. Also, you will gain money that you can spend on your new fittings. Make sure that you know first which style you’re looking for. That way it will be easier to find the right furniture that you are looking for.

Some of the trends in house style are:

  • Vintage
  • Minimalist
  • Rustic or farmhouse
  • Nordic
  • Classic modern
  • Industrial
  • Mats

If you don’t use them already, then consider this. Mats can be really useful to mark the difference between each space in the house, without using walls. So if you like the open space feeling, then this will be great for you. It will define the area and will create a focal point.

Also, the mat doesn’t need to match the colours of your walls or furniture. Actually, you can choose a different colour to create contrast. For example, imagine that the main colour of your living room is pale yellow. If you add a purple mat, then it will give an amazing contrast.

Whenever your want to purchase mats, consider this:

  • Don’t choose one that is too small. The front legs of the furniture need to be on the carpet. 
  • Don’t choose really big mats. If you choose one that almost covers all the area of the floor, then it will make space look smaller.
  • If the budget is worrying you, then check this trick. You can purchase two or more small mats of the same design. That way it will look like you have a bigger mat for half of the price.
  • Curtains

You don’t want anyone to think that you’re using the curtains of your grandma, right? Picking the right curtains is also critical for the design. Remember, first verify that the type of curtain that you’re going to choose fits your needs. Having said that, you have the option of blinds too.

I know, now you’re thinking should I pick curtains or blinds? But don’t worry about that. First of all, you need to acknowledge the features that you will need in them. Maybe your studio gets too much sun, and you fear for it getting on your computer all daytime. For that, you need something that will get rid of that amount of sun.

Both curtains and blinds can do it, just check the style and the price of any of them that will do the job. The key is to make sure that they’re functional. Also, it needs to go with the style of your home, for sure.

  • Lamps

Well, here we have floor lamps and the ones that go in the ceiling. Both of them are truly important because they will reinforce the style that you want. It doesn’t matter the style that you have to choose, you can go to a flea market. Try this option first. A lamp is something that you can purchase second hand without the fear of weird smells or things like that.

If you choose the industrial style, then maybe there’s no need to pick a lamp. It will be better for you to play with bulbs. They’re a ton of bulbs with visible filigree that looks awesome. 

  • Paints and photographs

This is an important part of the decoration. If you are tired of the feeling that your photographs or paints give, then change them. Unpick them from your walls. Then, with the blank space imagine what would you like there.

Remember that nowadays, tons of artists don’t sell super-expensive pieces of art. You can also try there; it will be a little more expensive. But if you want to change these items and you don’t have that much money, then try doing it yourself. Go out with your camera and photograph places or things to do that you enjoy. And hang them on your walls in a big format.

In conclusion

Changing just the accessories can make your house look like a new one. If you have the option change the furniture. If that option is too expensive, then just go for the mats. It will amaze you how they can change the way you perceive space. Remember that all or nothing doesn’t apply to this.

Maybe you’re too happy with your curtains. Maybe changing the lamps will help with creating something new in your home. Or maybe you just don’t like the paint that is hanging in the living room. It’s good to change. Go and find one that goes with you.

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