Everything You Should Know Before Getting Your Suit Tailored In NYC

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It is rightly said that an experienced and reliable tailor near me can make the worst man look as refined as Robert Pattinson. And whether going to a workplace or attending an event, every individual out there should have a quality suit in their wardrobe. However, when donning your finest, most of the time you feel more like someone who is wearing the same attire to every event. Hence, now is the time you speak to the expert who has knowledge regarding the best bespoke suits in NYC. This is the reason why we have prepared this guide. It will help you get your hands on the finest suits. Continue reading!

Depending on factors like the material and brand, suits mostly need a substantial outlay. It is vital to work with a tailor who can make sure that the outfit is designed in the best way possible. Mentioned below are some of the factors you need to know before getting your suit tailored. 

  • Measurements: A suit which fits in the right manner is only made when its measurements are right. This is why it is always necessary to get measured for your suit. The tailors basically offer to measure you for free. Hence, why take a chance. Hence,  it is worth measuring yourself before moving forward without further ado.

How to take measurements for a tailored suit?

The neck: Ask the tailor to measure around your neck about 2.5 cm below the Adam’s apple. The same can be done with the help of a tape measure.

The shoulders: At the top of your spine, ask him to measure across the shoulders from one side to the other. Do follow the curve on your back.

Chest: While you are at ease, ask the tailor to measure the broader section of your chest. If you are a female, ask them to measure your chest in line with the nipples. Amidst this, ask them to leave a breathing room.

Waist: Without making it more tighter, measure around your waist at the navel line. Do not forget to put a finger inside the measuring tape. This will give you a breathing room.

The tailoring part

The professionals have said that suits are very complex garments. Even though hemming pants and sleeves is a simple one but it is not a cup of tea for many. A suit jacket is made from a plethora of layers that offers shape and weight for example.

There are some tailors who claim to perform the process in the right manner but they are not skilled enough when it comes to full suit alteration. Thus, it is mandatory to get in touch with someone who has the expertise and skills to get the work done.

Last but not the least, do not expect the tailor to work wonders on an ill-fitting suit. Even if they want to, this could end up costing you in dollars.

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