6 Awesome Tips on How to Wow the Girl on the First Date

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Dating is fun. It brings excitement in life and puts an end to your single status. But, what to do if you are right at the beginning? You are about to go on the first date with the girl you like and you are not sure what to do and how to behave. Let me tell you right away, everyone feels the same and it is completely normal to be a bit nervous. All you need to do is a little preparation beforehand and dive in with great self-confidence. Here is how to get there.

Be Spontaneous

Even if you have planned the whole night out, try being spontaneous. Ask questions that you want to know about your date, react to her answers with your similar stories and try to connect with her on a deeper level. If you see a flower shop on your way, stop and buy her a rose, or perhaps you can try the delicious ice cream from the Italian gelateria.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone you are not. Yes, it is the first date and you want to impress her with all positive things, but if you want to continue dating her you must show your real self. This doesn’t mean that you need to show her how you react in bad situations. Not at all. You just need to be natural and not say you love things that she does when you disagree.

Give Compliments

Tell her how beautiful she is, what a beautiful smile she has or anything else that comes to your mind that will make you feel even more pretty. Don’t come hard with edgy comments about her sexy looks or how seducing she is because this kind of comments might lead her to think that you don’t want to date her but are only interesting in a one night stand.

Take Her to Dinner in a Romantic Restaurant

Choose a restaurant where only couples go so she can see that you are serious about dating her. Romantic restaurants offer services that complete the first date experience and it is in these little things that will make your date crazy about you.

Learn Something Distinctive about Her

Use the power of social media and use it at your advantage. Find out what she likes, what she enjoys, which is her favourite book, song or hobby and mention it casually during the date. She will be impressed to learn that you had dedicated some time to learning about her.

Pay the Bill

As a true gentleman, ask to pay for the whole bill. If she wants to split the bill in half, that’s great – still don’t let her the first time. It is a sign which shows that she wants equality in the relationship, however, let it be a thing for the future because after all, you’ve asked her on a date, aren’t you? If she says nothing about splitting the bill, you can say “This time is on me, we’ll split it the next time”. It is a subtle way to say that it is not going to be the last date and also that you want equality in the relationship (so you won’t be the one always paying the bills).

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to impress your British, American, Russian or Latin girl, the advice is valid and will help you. All the girls want the same thing from the first date and that is having a fun time, not be bored and feel beautiful.

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