Why people prefer reading erotic stories based on real characters?

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All human beings have different perceptions and everyone has different preferences and desires. Many of them enjoy watching porn films videos. A lot of people prefer enacting it as well. They get great relief in that. As it is, a lot of porn videos are replicating fantasies and desires which are the main reason people enjoy watching it.

At the same time, there are a lot of people who prefer reading erotic over watching porn. They like the storyline and the complete details. There are novels written under this genre. They are obviously descriptive and have a lot of things including the sex obviously, character sketch and even the storyline.

Research suggests that teenagers and women enjoy reading erotica the most. Besides that, even men enjoy erotica sometimes. There is no rule where men cannot enjoy erotica.

There are a lot of different types of erotic stories written by different writers. However, most readers have time and again said that they prefer erotic stories and novels that are based on real or at least relatable characters. They do not enjoy stories which are completely fantasy based as they cannot relate to it at all.

There are certain other reasons due to which people prefer reading erotic stories based on real characters and they are:

  • Try it for yourself

These sex stories are practical. People enjoy reading them because they can also try it in their life with their partner. It adds some spice in their sex life and they can always add some adventure in their sex life.

  • Normal Characters

These stories run around a central ides where two people meet and something leads up to sex. They use situations like camping, clubbing and getting stuck on a road. These are normal situation where anybody finds themselves in their daily routine. Thus, people find it interesting to read such stories.

It also has sex stories based on servant or maid. Now, this is something very casual. These are real characters that you meet in your daily life. They are not described as Greek Gods whom you can meet on in your dreams. Thus, people enjoy such kind or erotica more.

  • Fuel their Imagination

Such erotic stories also fuel their imagination. Readers get a proper structure to their imagination and fantasies. Real characters helps readers masturbate properly as well. The characters are so real that even they can imagine having sex with them.

People who do not have a sexual partner or are single enjoys this kind of erotica the most. They feel it is relatable and so, they can cum easily.

  • Enjoyable Process

Many readers enjoy reading such stories too. It is merely because the story is great and the character sketch is done properly. It is always interesting to read such kinds of stories. They also hold the reader’s attention for a very long time because the storyline is intriguing. Thus, a lot of people merely read erotica with real based characters for leisure and fun.

These are the most relatable type of stories. They are real sex confessions from real people. It is fun to learn what people encounter in their daily lives. There are confessions of sex stories gone wrong as well. People like reading those because they feel that they are not the only ones doing thing wrong.


These are some of the popular reasons why people enjoy erotica based on real characters. Also, many of them just read it because it helps them release there stress after a long tiring day at work.

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