6 Types of Clutches quintessential for every Indian Weddings & Parties

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Indian weddings and parties are nothing less than a fashion contest where everyone wants to be the best versions of themselves and showcase their fashion sense. And we all know that a mesmerising look or outfit is incomplete without a matching handbag. Women love to club their favourite handbags with their outfits to get that perfect look. Among the various options that are available in the market, clutch bags are the best picks that absolutely compliment Indian outfits. Clutches not only provide that retro touch but also enhance the entire look by giving that indo-western essence. If you want to be the centre of attraction at the next wedding that you are going to attend then here are some suggestions for you. You can choose among any of these 6 types of clutch quintessentials that are apt for every big fat Indian wedding and after parties too. 

Types of Clutches

Clutches are available in various designs and patterns to compliment all types of Indian outfits.

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Knot Clutches/Potli Bags

Knot clutches, very popularly known as Potli bags, have existed in the Indian culture for centuries. In the medieval period, people used to carry gold coins in small potlis which were tied up with a string at its neck. From the big emperors of that period to the local people, everyone used potlis to keep and secure their belongings. Times have changed and we are in the 21t Century but this potli style is still in. The Indian fashion industry has redesigned and modified these bags for everything good! Today’s potli bags/knot clutches come in some mesmerising designs, over the top looks and exquisite embroideries. The potli clutches are made with rich fabrics like satin, silk, velvet or georgette and are decorated with beads, mirrors, pearls, sequins etc. The craftsmen of Kutch(Gujarat) and Banaras(Varanasi) are the largest manufacturers of these clutches. These clutches are all-time favourite handbags of our Indian celebrities who rock the red carpet of celebrity weddings by sporting these exclusively handcrafted potli clutches. So, take inspiration from your favourite Bollywood divas and be a fashionista this wedding season!

Bracelet Clutches

Bracelet clutches are a new addition in the handbags market which are designed to be worn on the wrist. These bags come with beautiful bracelets attached on the top that can be swiftly worn on your wrist to help you give a hands-free experience. These clutches are absolutely perfect to flaunt in Indian weddings as it does not occupy your hands and you can grab all the delicious food items without having to juggle with your handbag. What more one could ask for from a clutch designer, after all?

Kiss Lock Clutches 

Kiss Lock clutches are one of the first designs among clutch bags and are still very much in fashion. Today’s handbag market has a variety of these clutches that are unique and custom made. These clutches are made with leather, metal and fabric too. The shimmering metal clutches or the soft leather clutches also come with a chain strap to give you that extra comfort of carrying it as a sling bag. Whether you wear a saree or a Lehenga, these kiss lock clutches can completely enhance your look. 

Box Clutches

Box clutches are the newest and latest addition in the clutch genre of handbags. These clutches are designed in a Types of ox, have a metallic texture and are mostly given a tacky look with embroideries, stones and glitters. The look of these clutches is enhanced with golden/silver chain straps giving them a more elegant look. If you want to look chic as well as elegant, you can opt for a box clutch and club it with your shimmering Indian outfit.  

Envelope Clutches

Envelope designs look good with both Indian and Western outfits. For, Indian weddings you can opt for an embroidered envelope clutch that matches your outfit. There are also a variety of envelope clutch handbags that are made with shimmering fabrics or are adorned with stones and pearls. A shiny and beautiful clutch would completely complement all types of Indian attires whether it be a saree or a beautiful Anarkali dress. 

Basket Clutches

Basket clutches are woven like a basket to give it a more natural and beautiful look. Although usually made with bamboo materials, these clutches are decorated with artificial flowers which can complement any floral printed Indian attire. These clutches hold uniqueness and are authentic in their own way. You can simply stand out of the crowd by taking one of these to the next party you are going to attend. 

Clutches are highly trending these days in the Indian fashion industry. Celebrities have also hyped its style by wearing these on red carpets of the recent celebrity weddings. You can also be a fashionista of your family and choose any of these trendy clutches that perfectly accentuates your style statement. 

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