Beware – don’t dare to be wrong in your promotional marketing strategy!

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If you are serious about your business and its promotions, marketing is definitely what you need! But it truly depends on how serious you are about the same. Like, if you really want your brand to be printed on every common man’s mind, then you have to make sure your promotions are that impactful. And if you just desire to create a buzz, in that case an occasional, light push is enough for your promotions. But today we are talking about the ones who are pretty much serious about promoting their brand or business. And for this, you may have studied about dozens of marketing strategies, but the best always remains goodies and gifts!

Promotional merchandise are the best ways to attract your potential customers’ and the public’s attention towards your business. And if these goodies are really awesome, you stay with them for years in the form of these gifts. But like everything else, even marketing strategies can go wrong! Even if it’s free goods distributed to the general public, you can end up making drastic mistakes which can curb your master plan of promotions very badly.

The disastrous don’ts of promotional marketing!

No doubt keep cups in Australia from Levella Promotions are the best ones for your marketing strategy. These are available in numerous types, sizes, budgets and colours for you. You’ll just need to get your brand name printed on those attractively designed keep cups, and these are good to go on your advertising trip! But not all products should be considered for the promotions. Ensure to be on the right marketing path and avoid the below listed “don’ts” in your marketing strategies to reach far and wide in your promotional journey!

  • Don’t purchase throwaways — If you are going to spend money on certain products and are customising them with your names, ensure that these are at least worth using or keeping. Otherwise your customers are going to be upset with you for distributing products that don’t even work well or are faulty. And the product which naturally couldn’t last longer like balloons or juice cans, aren’t going to stay with them for longer and hence even your name gets trashed within minutes of exposure! Instead, you can buy reusable takeaway coffee cups which last longer than such products, and can be used by people almost daily.
  • Don’t blend commonly — It’s not necessary that if everyone else is distributing mugs or earphones, even you should do the same. There are hundreds of products available for distribution as freebies and you can pick the one that’s most unthought of. The more unique you are, the better impact you leave on the people’s mind. Also, even if you are choosing the most common products, you can always be creative with your artwork or logo print on it to make it look absolutely different and appealing.
  • Don’t go for random products — Don’t just go with the flow and pick up any product to distribute for promotions. Ensure the product you are distributing is connected to your business. Like, if you are an educational product manufacturer, go for customising diaries or bags for your promotions; if you are a café, consider customised reusable takeaway coffee cups; and so on.
  • Don’t forget the latest demand — Never just pick the products that are readily available as an option. They won’t be useful in today’s technological world. Like, if you distribute mini brick video games in an era of Smartphone and Xbox, obviously your customers aren’t going to appreciate them. Instead, you can get the ones which can be useful and are in latest trends or demands – like – mobile cover, portable chargers, etc.

Promotional gifts are distributed for a specific reason. They are the best marketing samples or reminders you spread to market your business better. If these aren’t good, you can never achieve your purpose of promotions well. So, in order to get what you desire, avoid the above pointers, and plan something good and extraordinary for your customers.

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