How To Make The Correct Use Of Height Adjustable Desk

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As the culture of work from home is becoming more common, adjustable height desks are also becoming more popular. It has been recorded in many studies that using height adjustable desks is good for health and also increases productivity. These desks are especially beneficial when you are adjusting between sitting and standing.

When it comes to using the desk in the best way, there are no clear guidelines. However, the following six tips for making the correct use of a standing desk might help. This will help in minimizing the negative effects and maximizing health benefits and productivity.adjustable height desk

Alternate Between Standing And Sitting

Sitting too much is not good for your health. Similarly, standing too much is also not good for health. Production line employees, bank tellers and workers in other standing occupations also suffer from lower back pain. Standing for long periods is linked with negative effects on tendons, leg muscles and other connective tissues. This can also cause varicose veins. However, it is easy to avoid these negative effects simply by alternating between standing and sitting.

Though only limited research is done in this area, there is an optimal standing versus sitting time for maintaining energy and comfort levels without sacrificing productivity. The ratio can be 1:1 or 1:2. If you are standing for 1 hour, you should sit for 1 to 2 hours. You should alternate between standing and sitting every 30 to 60 minutes.

Adjust The Desk And Screen

The computer screen position and the height of the desk have to be correct to ensure maximum possible comfort and minimum risk of pain and injuries while working. In the beginning, the height of the desk should be at about elbow height. Elbows and floor should be in a 90-degree position. For a 180 cm tall man, the height of the desk should be 111 cm. The screen should be 51-71 cm from the face. Eyes and the top of the screen should be at the same level. The screen should be slightly tilted upward between 10 and 20 degrees. When the adjustable height desk and the screen are in the right positions, you do not have to tilt your neck down or up. For a laptop user, the keyboard should be aligned with elbow height.

Use An Anti-fatigue Mat

Jobs like working at a counter or a product line requires employees to stand for extended periods of time. Workers in this job often use anti-fatigue mats. These mats encourage subtle leg muscle movements to combat standing fatigue. They reduce overall discomfort to improve blood flow. Studies show that using an anti-fatigue mat while standing for two or more hours a day can reduce tiredness and discomfort. An anti-fatigue mat can also help with lower back pain and leg problems. It can be very useful for a user experiencing lower back pain or pain in leg muscles from standing.

Change Mouse And Keyboard Position

Using the mouse and keyboard for long hours often stain wrists. So, you must optimize wrist position while standing or sitting. Keep in mind that when you are swapping between standing and sitting, the position of wrists should not be the same. Not doing so can increase wrist pain and discomfort. Keep the mouse and keyboard at the same level and wrists should be straight when you are typing. Gel mouse pads or adjust keyboard stands if you experience sore wrists.

Use Arm Supports

You can attach arm supports to your desk. It is a soft padding or surface area that reduces pressure on your wrist. It has been shown in numerous studies that using arm supports can reduce the risk of developing shoulder and neck pain to a significant level.

Take Breaks

Even when you are standing while working or alternating between sitting and standing, you have to take breaks. You must move and stretch. Give your eyes some rest. It also clears your head. You can set a reminder on your smartphone or computer. You can easily control the upper limb and back discomfort.

Though using an adjustable height desk is great for health, it is not easy to get used to one such desk. You should give your body some time.

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