8 Baby Care Gift Ideas that Both Parents and Babies Love

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baby giftWelcoming a baby to this world is quite special and it comes with tons of responsibilities. So to ease up the burden of the parents it is wise to provide gifts that will cater to the baby care needs.

But gifting something to the new-born can be a confusing affair, especially for those who do not have much idea about the same.

Here are some ideas for gifts that will be exclusive and will be cherished by the parents of the new-born baby for years to come. Take a look.

  • Baby Clothing – You can select the baby clothing items like bibs, mittens, vests, booties, caps. These are functional and cute, and parents love to receive them as gifts. But ensure that you opt for the baby clothes that are made of cotton. Get rid of the synthetic fabrics.

  • Loop Toys – The randomly shaped pieces of silicon are what babies like best. They appear in a variety of rattle rings, textures and bring forth a variety of places for the babies to grab and chew. Added to that, these toys also come with suction cups so that the parents don’t have to pick up the toys every time it falls.

  • Age Blocks –The age blocks enable the baby to take clicks. From weeks to years, these blocks can be arranged to mark the age of the baby. They arrive in a couple of colour choices and make the fun accessories for the nurseries.

  • Baby Diapers – These are something that you can never go wrong with. Various brands bring forth disposable diapers for the babies. If you are conscious environmentally then choose the cloth diapers. But in that case bear in mind to purchase the right-sized diapers.

  • Baby Shusher – When it comes to getting the new-borns to sleep, the baby shusher happens to be a miracle tool. Many of the shushers now come with a human voice and they are small and lightweight and hence highly portable. Most of them run on batteries and they are usually ready out of the box.

  • Silver Jewellery Items – Gifting silver items to babies happens to be a tradition in many cultures as the silver items come with a plethora of health benefits. From silver bowls and spoons to silver bangles and anklets, you can present anything and you can rest assured that your gift will be well-appreciated.

  • New-born Lounger – Here is a safe place for the baby to lie down while they are still awake and well-supervised. This is shaped in a way that offers comfort and support and you can get them in a variety of sweet patterns. Thus this kind of a lounge is a must have for every nursery.

  • Baby Skincare Products – You can present a set of baby skincare materials that can range from baby body lotion, foam shampoo and baby soap to massage oil, baby wipes, diaper rash cream and much more. As the baby skin is very sensitive, make sure that you go with products that are specially made for the little ones.

Apart from these you should also go with the printed drink bottles that adhere to food-grade quality. They are also a hot favourite amongst the parents as well as loved by the babies.

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