A Guide For People Starting Dancing Lessons In Miami

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Trying new things can be an exhilarating experience and can really force you to step outside of your comfort zone and grow as an individual. Some people try surfing, skydiving, and even acting as a way to try something new and be expressive. These are all ways to really put yourself out there and go for it. One activity that is often overlooked but can be extremely healthy both physically and mentally is dancing. No matter what age you are or what your skill level is, it is never too late to learn and really use dancing as a creative outlet. While dancing can be really great for the mind, body, and soul, it can also seem intimidating and daunting for newcomers looking to start. This should not stop you from starting to learn this amazing hobby and art form. A great aspect of dance is that you can really work on your craft outside of the studio thanks to awesome video platforms like YouTube that can put you right in front of a seasoned dancer.

Fortunately, if you live in the South Florida region, there is a good amount of dance classes in Miami to choose from. If you are looking for dancing classes in Miami, be sure you are choosing the one that fits your needs and interests, as there are many different styles and techniques to choose from. From classical to ballet, to even hip-hop and breakdancing the options are really limitless. It’s all about what you prefer and what you can handle. Maybe you have a wedding coming up and you want to impress you and your spouse’s family with your killer moves, these are all things to consider. If you are new to dancing there are a few things you should take into consideration before embarking on your musical journey. Let’s discuss how you can best prepare for this amazing learning experience.


1. Figure Out What Discipline Of Dance You Are Interested In


Before you start going to dance lessons and spending your hard-earned cash on instructional lessons you may want to consider what kind of dance really interests you. Do you have a favorite ballet that’s piqued your interest? Or is there a formal event you are planning on attending like a wedding or a ball? Perhaps you are feeling really adventurous and want to try out a hip-hop class?

Do your research and see what really piques your interest! There are a number of options for people of all ages shapes and sizes. Finding out what works best for you and your experience will make the transition from newbie to professional in no time. Looking for dance classes in Miami gives you a really great option for more ethnic dances specifically the beautiful art form of Hispanic style dancing. Bachata, tango, rumba, merengue are just a few of the beautiful dances that are available in the ethnically rich area of Miami.

2. Find A Studio That Works For You



Finding a dance studio that fits your needs and style is another super important step when you first get started. Each dance studio has a unique quality about it that may really make you feel great or may be intimidating. While most provide lessons and instruction for all skill levels, there are some that are far more advanced and really cater to the more skilled population of dancers. Luckily, with so many to choose from there is no doubt you will find something that works for you. Another huge factor that should be factored into your decision-making process is the instructors that will be teaching you how to dance. Obviously, having a solid personality match with your dance instructor is super important. When you first check out your new studio establish some rapport and make conversation with the employees to get to know them better but also with other students. Find out who’s who and see if your personality traits match specific instructors’ personality traits. Do you share the same interests? Are you from the same area? These are all small details that really make a difference and can make dancing at the establishment that much more enjoyable.


3. Work Toward Getting Fit 


People ranging from small to large or big too tall can obviously enjoy dancing, but like most things in life, it is probably more enjoyable and easier for your body to get used to if you are in good shape or physical condition. This is not to say that you have to be super in shape but being able to hold poses, move your feet quickly, and not get super wiped out after only 5 minutes of moving is something you will really appreciate. Flexibility is another factor that will really help your body adjust to the new physical demands. If you are using dancing to get into shape fear not, it will happen! Moving your body in ways that it is not used to is a fantastic way to get into shape!


4. Wearing The Right Clothes 


Comfortability and flexibility is the name of the game here. Call ahead to the studio you are taking the lessons in and find out what to wear, trust us they will be more than happy to help you out. Also use everyone’s best friend, Google. Google the type of dance you are taking and look at the images of people performing or rehearsing. More times than not this will give you great insight into what to wear and what you will be more comfortable.


5. Remember To Breathe


At the end of the day, the subject at the forefront of your mind should be to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Breath in between movements and take breaks if you need to. There is no shame in that! While you should push yourself to be better remember that you are just starting out and need to take it at your own pace, the rest will come. You will most likely not be the only beginner there so make friends and enjoy the moment. At the end of the day, you are bettering yourself and learning something new so enjoy it the best you can!

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