Are Courier Delivery Services The Next Big Thing In 2020?

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Waiting for your delivery is so… yesterday… Isn’t it?

Shoppers want to get their deliveries as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, the same day. They’ve always wanted quick delivery times but the online world has changed how we feel about time. We shop online instantly – we go to the shopping cart and pay in a matter of seconds. And then we wait… We wait for the delivery days, if not weeks. But customers want more – they want quicker delivery times and more efficient tracking.

As a result, courier delivery services might be the next big thing, providing faster delivery – much, much faster! Courier delivery services in Miami are already employing some of the state-of-the-art technologies to help lower wait times. We just need to see them implemented worldwide to become truly effective.

Shoppers increasingly want quicker delivery times and many retailers are beginning to offer it. Amazon, the giant retailer which dominates today’s online shopping market, has already made faster delivery one of their main targets for the coming years. They are important players in the online world and have a special interest in raising their customers’ expectations. Customers want instant gratification and Amazon tries to make them happy. Other retailers will also have to provide it. Amazon has already implemented its fleet of small delivery vans operated by independent contractors and the results are positive. Delivery times have dropped and customers are happier – but there’s more around the corner.

Other companies are also working on faster ways to deliver packages to their customers. Miami Dade courier services are also employing new technologies in order to guarantee quick deliveries. Here’s what to expect in this amazingly dynamic business sector:

Delivery Times For Major Retail Companies – The Main Trends

Delivery times became much shorter when customers were allowed to pick up their orders at the store. But this strategy is already employed by many retailers and better services can be provided. One of the core quick delivery services that most Miami Dade courier services focus on is same-day delivery. Originally started by Amazon, the service has expanded and many other retailers provide it.

Walmart offers it to about 30 percent of households but expects to raise it to 50 percent of households and more than 100 metro areas. The huge retailer will also use ride-hailing services to deliver its parcels to clients. Walmart is also testing another type of delivery service – they use their store employees to drop off merchandise at homes after their shifts. Although only in the testing phase, this strategy may further cut down delivery times, especially in urban areas.

Walmart is also testing a new strategy: the smart lock technology will allow delivery employees to enter a customer’s home and restock their refrigerator. Also, Amazon Prime members can get packages dropped off inside their cars and homes. These new technologies are expected to get out of the testing phase and be widely available to the general public during the next few years.

Target also launched its same-day delivery service, after they bought Shipt, a logistical startup started just a few years ago, for $550 million. Target will expand the same-day delivery service and use multiple courier services across the country, including Miami Dade courier services. Deliv and Macy’s are also launching their same-day delivery services this year, and they expect to see quicker overall delivery times for their normal service as well.

Challenges for FedEx and UPS – what can we expect?

Amazon already uses an immense fleet of trucks and vans, some operated independently, while others operated in-house. Amazon has also started using its fleet of over 40 planes and built an immense network of warehouses and distribution centers across the United States.

Both FedEx and UPS are important players in the courier industry and their position may be threatened by the giant retailer. Amazon is now their major client, but some analysts say that it will become a competitor – and not just a simple competitor, but a fierce one, with the funds and know-how to change the industry.

However, if FedEx and UPS lose Amazon as their client, the courier and delivery giants won’t suffer a lot. FedEx gets about 3 percent of its revenue from Amazon, while UPS gets about 6 percent, so the damage will be felt, but it won’t be crushing. Keep in mind that both of these courier services players are huge. UPS, for instance, has 120,000 trucks, 500 planes, and 3,000 pilots, and handles about 20 million packages every single day, worldwide.

The risks for large retailers

Now, most large retailers can blame any of the multiple courier delivery services in Miami when packages arrive late or are lost. The same goes for Miami Dade courier companies, but this will likely change in the future. If new technologies become active in the industry, the deliveries will be more efficient and reliable. No more packages left out in the rain and no angry calls or emails from customers.

Your local post office – will it be affected?

The U.S. Postal Service has suffered a lot after the rise of major players in the courier service sector. The impact was seen especially after the rise of online shopping, which created a whole different market, which is more demanding and competitive. Now, the U.S. Postal Service is suffering because of high pension and health care costs, a slump in revenue from traditional letters and mail and old technologies. However, the competition in the courier industry will help the U.S. mail service recover and become an active part of the industry. There’s no other choice, and it has to become an important player, along with other courier delivery services in Miami. The data also suggests this trend – the revenue generated from packages rose 12 percent during last year, to $19.5 billion. This is a massive market share, and if new technologies are implemented, it can mean recovery for the U.S. Postal Service.

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