Adaware Antivirus is the best antivirus software for Windows 10?

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Adaware Free Antivirus is the best real-time protection software against malware like spyware, ransomware, and viruses, etc. It has created a good impression in the list of additional features. Which include everything from file shredding to advanced network monitoring and download protection, that is why it sits at the top of the company’s antivirus and Internet Security and become one of the strongest competitors for rest of the companies.

Though the main matter is Does Adaware Antivirus Free software suitable for Windows10? If yes, What are the necessary specification or upgradations added up in the Windows 10? Talking about Windows 10, Microsoft itself announced while releasing this window with special features and abilities which were not there in previous Windows. The Microsoft specifically added features of security and protection in Windows 10 by keeping a constant eye on the thefts and noticing all the threats being happening to a computer’s data and software. The new feature is biometric authentication. It will support the facial and iris unlock features of Windows Hello. But users would require an additional fingerprint scanner to fully utilize the feature. But as compared to Windows 10 inbuilt features, there are more and special features are offered by the best free antivirus for windows is Adaware Antivirus software.



The special features are list as digital lock protection so that it prevents phishing and various malware practices. Adaware Antivirus free included Adaware Web Companion that was safeguarding users from the threatful URLs. Based on performance and well- being of a computer and network security the Adaware free Antivirus proved to be the best free antivirus and it is being tested on Windows 10, and we have noticed that almost no impact on the system. It helps to speed up the checkup. However, even if you leave the omission list empty, the scans still are rather fast. The initial full checkup took us a bit less than one hour. The following scans were much faster. That’s quite a good time although some antiviruses finish scans much faster.

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Moreover provides Parental Control, doesn’t overload the system, prevents all the malicious practices and acts as a safeguard to one’s personal Information and maintains network security.

Feasibility of Quick Scanning that would able to detect problems, viruses, and malware. One more feature makes Adaware differentiated by others i.e Ad-Blocks. Which means it cuts not only advertisements and trackers but also videos including those on social media. This has enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of the computer’s network and data security.

Hence, the customers would find an interesting deal while buying or looking forward to Adaware Free Antivirus in Windows 10. As both have the enhanced and efficient technology that assists the computer to run effectively. Boosts up the processor. A very great combination of Windows 10 and Adaware Antivirus free security features would always remain a reliable compatible and long-lasting safeguard to your computer’s security.

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