All You Need To Know About Loans: Advantages & Requirements

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No matter if you are interested in snapping up a bargaining home or trying to renovate your own, you will be required to have a loan to meet your home requirements with your financial needs. A rehab loan in Denver allows for the improvement of loans which can be used to purchase your type of property.

What Is a Rehab Loan?

An FHA 203(k) rehab loan which is usually referred to as renovation loan ensures and enables the homebuyers to finance and purchase with your home renovation through a single mortgage. A rehab loan is quite famous mentioning FHA 2013(k) as they are designed to help homeowners in order to improve their existing home or have an upgrade, repair or renovation. It not only helps a way to create equity but also brings you home up to date in no time.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A Rehab Loan?

Sometimes buyers shy away in order to ask for home loans for the renovation as they cannot come up for cash to create a new roof in addition to down payment, closing costs and other expenses. Considering this fact, a mortgage rehab loan combines all of these expenses allowing you to extend your payment for the renovation of all over rather than paying a lump sum.

Here’s where an FHA 203k loan can help you, it can refinance your existing mortgage and add the cash which is required for your home renovation project into the loan balance.

Another major highlight is that they contain a low-interest rate, rehab home loans come with a low down payment and more savings options. Since FHA insures your mortgage, the qualifications for an FHA loan may be lenient than for a conventional loan. Ultimately, 203(k) rehab loans are a convenient way to finance your home improvements without any need for credit, huge down payments, or high-interest rates.

What Are The Options Related To FHA 203k Loans?

There are broadly two types of loans that are classified as follows below:

  • Streamlined Loan: In this type of loan there is a limit to maximum $35,000 regardless of your home value. You don’t need to have ny minimum value or need to spend, so if you feel like replacing your carpet all you can do is wrap a few thousand dollars and add it into your spending cash. Repairs must start within 30days of your closing loan and can be finished up till 6 months. With this product of loan you can have types of renovations and can also add second floors or install a pool or swim bar if you desire to.
  • Standard Loan: If you are planning to go for bigger projects, you must need to have a standard FHA loan which will be at least $5,000 worth of the renovations. In this type of loan, you can have any kind of home improvement as long as it adds value to your property including finishing of your basement, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and other home improvements. However, with a standard loan, luxury items such as hot tubs or swimming pools cannot be really financed.

Qualification For A Loan:

To qualify for a 203k loan, you will need to meet a few requirements as any other FHA loan:

  • Your credit score must be at least 620 or 640, which depends on the choice of the lender
  • Your maximum debt-to-income ratio should only be 41% to 45%
  • You need a down payment (or home equity if you are refinancing) of 3.5% or more
  • The loan amount (including both the purchase and renovation costs) must be lower than the maximum loan limit for your area
  • You must be an owner-occupant of the property if you intend to renovate

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