Apply Nail Stickers At Home With These 5 Steps

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Nail art is actually like art. Not every single person out there is an artist similarly, not everyone is capable of creating proper nail art. Furthermore, some people do not have enough time to visit salons and get manicures done or have their nails painted artistically. But who said it can’t be done with some easy steps at home? 

Get some tools and semi cured gel nail stickers to start this amazing process. 

Step 1:

Take care of your nails by cleaning and buffing them: 

Make sure your nails are free of lacquer before putting the nail sticker. Remove any nail polish with a nail polish remover. File your nails to the length you want them to be and buff the nail bed. It is important to make sure the nails don’t have a sticky film on them. The best technique to remove the oil from the nails is to wash them with hand soap and wipe them with water.

Pro tip:

Before putting a nail sticker, avoid using any form of oil or lotion. Oil makes it difficult for nail stickers to adhere correctly and reduces their durability.

Step 2:

Choose the ideal size and get ready to apply it. Choose the right size for your nail. The nail strips come in a variety of sizes. As a result, you must select the most appropriate size. 

Do these steps very carefully. Gel nail polish stickers and take nail stickers and remember to be gentle as you peel it off from that clear plastic wrapping from the top of the strip.It’s time to put your nail sticker on.

If there is a scenario where your nail stickers are not fitting on your nails due to their large size, you can trim the larger strip to make it fit perfectly. Please remember that fingers should not be used to touch the adhesive side of the sticker, as this may prevent the glue from adhering to the sticker.

Step 3:

Finally, apply the nail sticker on your nails. 

Stick the sticker to the base of your nail. Apply the sticker as close to the cuticle as possible. Gently place it in the nail’s proper location. When the sticker is in the ideal location, press it down with your fingertips to ensure adequate adhesion. Remove as many air bubbles as possible from the sticker. You can consider designer nail decals in such cases as well. 

Pro tip:

In order to make the sticker more long lasting, you can take the sticker and heat it with the help of a blow dryer. 

The reason behind this is when the sticker is heated, the adhesive layer becomes more potent.

Step 4:

Remove the extra material by cutting or filing it away. 

The nail sticker is far too long for the size of the nail. As a result, you’ll need to trim the extra to fit it around the nail. With a small scissor, trim the excess length. To remove the additional nail strip, use a nail file to file downward. 

To achieve a decent outcome, use a rough file. The sticker on the nail section may be torn off with a less harsh file.

Step 5:

Apply a top coat. Finally, lacquer the nail with a high-quality complete topcoat. The top coat gives the nail strips a shiny, sophisticated appearance. It prolongs the life of the nail sticker. You must be cautious of the nail sticker if you do not use a topcoat. There are some things to keep away from the nail stickers, high heat exposure, pressure and even moisturization as these things can harm your nail sticker. 


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