Arts and crafts of Kollam

Arts and crafts of Kollam

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When we talk of certain region lots of things as well as concepts related to it are involved in the discussions, so when we talk about kollam everything starting from culture up to the special occasions are involved. Arts and crafts of kollam hold a special place in the hearts of people of kollam. They are truly preserved by handing them to the new generation by the older ones. In order to safeguard their existence and create interest about them the beautiful creations of the craftsman are displayed in one of the arts and crafts festivals conducted at this historic city.

Existence of tribal life in kollam has strongly influenced the culture of this popular city. Major tribal group called Knnaikkar preserves a great cultural heritage and their lives are influenced with many art forms like music and dance. These tribal‘s are also some of the best craftsmen in the region creating beautiful handmade things which are proving to be a major attraction of the tourists. Culture of kollam is also influenced by its primitive settlers like the Chinese, European, British and Portuguese travellers.

The beautiful cultural blend of all these cultures has given rise to an identical culture of kollam. Visitors to this backwater destination of Kerala can enjoy this cultural extravaganza during one of the crafts festivals held at one of the beautiful locations in the city.

Kollam crafts festival is one such occasion held annually at one of the beautiful locations in the vicinity of Ashtamudi Lake and Ashramam ground. The festival held in the month of December attracts hordes of tourists to this beach city. This festival backed by the tourism authorities is the biggest event held at the banks of Ashatamudi. This festival is the best reflection of the unique culture of Kerala and the handicrafts displayed at the large number of stalls offer best introduction of the exclusive artistic talent of the local craftsmen. The stalls are stuffed with articles made from materials like silver, wood, coir and cane. Tourists coming here from the surrounding region as well as distant places get mesmerized by variety of things available at the stalls like jewellery, puppets and dolls. Other interesting part of the festival is the live performance of tribal and folk art.

Such festivals provide a great platform for the future generation of artisans and craftsmen, who arrive here with their creations and feel great when they receive appreciation for their work. They are really benefited by participating in the live demonstrations and workshops arranged during the feast. Another occasion to explore the arts and crafts of this region is the Ashtamudi Arts and Crafts festival or Paramparya meaning tradition in the local language. The workshops of traditional arts and crafts organized during this fairs offer best opportunities to interact with the master craftsmen coming here from many places in the State. Paramparya is held annually at the Ashramam maidan near the picnic village which is a tourist hotspot. Your stay in kollam during this part of the year will make your visit a memorable experience.