Chail Gurudwara a Unique Place to Visit

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Don‘t get shocked if we unveil some of the secrets of these places. Maybe you will take time to believe that one of the prime shots of the movie 3 Idiots were taken in one of Himachal tourisms hotspots, which is none other than Chail. The home in which the character Ranchoddas Chanchad lived is Chail Palace; the central attraction of this beautiful destination which is tucked on the summits of Himalayas.

If you are planning a tour of this region you can witness this place which is Himachal Tourism heritage hotel, along with many other places to see. Viewing the explicit wildlife of the region at Chail wildlife sanctuary, which is preserving exclusive wild animals and birds found in this region is one of the best things to do in Chail. If you are a sports lover then visiting Chail will offer you one of the rare opportunities of watching matches of popular sports like polo and cricket at one of the world‘s highest cricket grounds at the backdrop of tall Deodar trees.

The romantic snow covered peaks in the vicinity of Chail invite nature lovers as well as adventure tourists, who can enjoy the zest of the peaks from distance or by capturing them while joining one of the popular treks like Jhala and Gaura.

There are innumerable opportunities of sightseeing at Chail but one of the memorable places in the long list is the Chail Gurudwara, which takes the credit of first building being built by the Maharaja. This twenty two feet tall building which shows impacts of Indian as well as European style of architecture with a huge twenty X sixty feet spacious Darbar hall offers peace and sanctity to its visitors. This ancient monument located just two hundred meters form the bus stand is looked after by Himachal government. But the interesting thing about it is that when this precious monument started deteriorating and was taken care of by a group of students who fulfilled the challenge of renovating this heritage monument. Keeping the original architecture of the building intact the boys have done a nice job of preserving the Gurudwara. After renovations this place has become more inviting for the tourists with rooms where the tourists can rest. Langar is offered in the hall where people from all communities can have food served as prashad. Here one noteworthy thing is that there are many historical monuments in India which need attention, government is doing its best to preserve them but social institutions or non profit organisations should come forward for keeping them in good shape.

Chail the silent attraction of Himachal invites you with its mind blowing beauty and some of the exclusive places to visit. Visit Chail during summers or winters what you will experience is pure joy and entertainment.

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