Autostamper- No.1 Autostamping Photography app for Christmas Fest 2K!9!

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The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city indicates the onset of Christmas Eve. We are going to celebrate Christmas 2019 in a few days and it is the beginning of the New Year Eve celebration. Lot’s of images will be clicked at that time. Today’s smartphone cameras offer great optics to capture high-resolution, sharp results, a lot of images get clicked on mobile phones now.

Try not to have the foggiest thought of how to embellish your pic? What will improve your photograph variety? The request is – Which photography application is best for you and makes your pic astounding? 

An enormous assortment on play store for photo altering application exists to make your pic interesting, regardless, not all applications give you the best result. For this, I got an amazing  Special Photography Christmas Unique Offer Application ‘Auto Stamper: Date and Timestamp Camera App’! Instant discount 25% OFF on this Christmas 2K19! 

‘Uniqueness’ is the most pivotal thing which is required for any photograph to stand isolated from the social event and grab the eye of individuals. Autostamper wrap up with 5-IN-1 Auto Stamping

Autostamper makes your photographs magnificent with these significant highlights:- 

  1. GPS/Location:- 

Organizing an event for this Christmas? ‘GPS’ will help you in finding your splendid spots with address stamp. Snap photographs and stamp it from your default camera and offer by means of electronic systems administration media stages which will cause your friends and family to think about where you have been from the photograph itself and there is no need for hashtags or to tag address on the photographs. GPS stamp will make pictures ideal for the occasion. 

   2. Date and Time Stamp:- 

Date and Time help us to review our valuable minute by including a date-time stamp. This Christmas, add date and time stamp to your Christmas pictures. Auto Stamper: Add timestamp to pictures. Auto stamper gives you the usefulness to utilize either date or timestamp or both as demonstrated by your aching and need. 

   3. Text on Photos/Signature Stamp:- 

Show your artwork by captioning your Christmas pictures with the ‘Signature stamp’ feature. Add Signature Stamp to your photos as a copyright stamp and shield it from being misused. Customize your photographs with Auto Stamper by including business name, or trademarks to guarantee licensed innovation so nobody can guarantee on your Images. 

   4. Watermark Logo: 

Watermarking pictures with the sign is a decent method so that there will be copyright gives that won’t happen. A need has ascended to cause custom stamps with the target that photographs can be wandered and spared from issues of taking. Auto stamper serves to make your photographs secure by stepping it with a mark stamp that you wish to show up on the picture.  With . Make your own stamp for the photographs and etching them right now you make it consider the route that with auto stamper you can click and stamp pictures from an inbuilt camera as of your phone. 

    5. Sequential Numbering Stamp:- 

Traveling Destination planned for this Christmas? Bunches of pictures will be clicked. By that point, you will rewind those photos. Have you thought of photographs sequenced itself? 

AutoStamper gives you a grouping numbering stamp feature in which the photographs are sequenced thus. Make your excursion variety with Autostamper. 

What can be more splendid than getting all these five stamps in this single application! 

Astounding highlights of ‘Auto stamper’ are: 

  1. Increase/Decrease ‘Stamp Size’ with (A+) or (A-). 
  2. Make your photos logically sharp by applying diverse ‘Font style Formats’. 
  3. Recognize your stamp by ‘Stamp Position’ position with movable choices like ‘Top Left’, ‘Bottom Right’,’Center’ and some more! 
  4. Remember the different color of the stamp for the image. 

Truly astonishing highlights! Arent? 

Steps to use this 5-IN-1 Stamp:- 

  1. Essentially, go to PlayStore and download ‘Autostamper’. 
  2. Open the application, 
  3. Swipe On ‘AutoStamper Toggle’, 
  4. Include ‘Date and Time, Location, and Signature Stamp’, 
  5. Select an appropriate Brand Logo, 
  6. Click a picture from your cell phone camera, and the stamp will be added to it! 

OFFER Week ging on the above features for this Christmas 2K19! 

Note: Ensure that Auto Stamper is running in background!. 

Click here to look at this video to assist you with seeing logically about Auto Stamper. 

Santa Clause is taking off to your town. Along these lines, at the present time Install Christmas Special Autostamper: Timestamp Camera and snap your selfies with Santa Clause! 

Both Available in Play Store and App Store.

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