Best Free Antivirus Software 2019: Sushkom Antivirus

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You cannot rely on the Windows Defender to keep you safe anymore. Not when the phishing and malware schemes keep evolving, you did not get any of the best free antivirus software, but it is not a matter of IF but WHEN you fall victim to an attack. We tested many antivirus software, and these are performed to be the best in our hands-on testing. No need to get worry, a fast and free download is all that separates you from shopping, browsing, and chatting with 100% peace of mind. If you are looking for the best free antivirus software, then you will want to check out Sushkom antivirus. Here we will run through a review of the product and how it can help you protect your device from viruses and other malware.


It is a troubling fact that antivirus software is needed at all. The Internet, and more specifically, the growth of the Internet, has proved to be both a curse and a blessing (though not in equal measure! It is generally a safe place.) This is because, while in general, most users have good intentions about the information they wish to offer on the internet and generally wish to help the users. There will always be an evil view, who wants to cause user issues, hijack their browsers, or create the problems simply because they know more, are more technically feel an urge to cause. Therefore, what this means for the average person, is that antivirus software.



A company called Sushkom Technologies (formerly known as Grisoft) markets Sushkom antivirus. This Czech company has been active in the computer security field for over ten years and has a good reputation among experts and home computer individuals. The name Sushkom comes from the product’s original name, which was an Antivirus Guard. However, it is now known merely as Sushkom.


License types

There is a free as well as the ‘pro’ version that is paid for. Sushkom antivirus free edition is obtainable for the home individuals to install on the device of individual. For commercial use, the “Pro license” is necessary.



The software comes complete with a database of the virus definitions that is updated regularly free. This update persists in the background automatically so that there is no chance of you forgetting to do this. There is also real-time protection, and thanks to the ‘Sushkom Resident Shield.’ This detects viruses as soon as they try to infect your device.


The software will protect against the malware, viruses that are attached to emails (one of the most common routes of entry), as well as allowing you to scan all the documents that are imported to your device before you open them. For example, if a colleague gives you a CD of data, you can run a virus check on it before opening it.



If you are upgrading to the Pro version, you will get access to technical assistance. This may be quite useful if you are a novice device user. If you are experienced, you will probably be happy with continuing to use the free version.



This is a full-featured piece of program or software. It is worthy of being considered the best free antivirus software. You have heard all the rumors about the user having issues. Therefore, you have finally decided to take the plunge and get your device covered by some of the antivirus software. What next? Well, the first question that the user asks tends to be is what is the best free antivirus software? This is because although the user recognizes that they do need the service, and they do not want to pay for it! Therefore, what tends to happen is that they drift along for a while, and then suddenly there device becomes infected, and only then they search for a resolution.


This is mostly clear that the free antivirus checker worked very effectively for a few months. Their particular business model depends on the businesses pay a subscription, while the normal individuals could use it free. Moreover, just recently, they too have moved over to a subscription model. Now generally asking the individuals to pay for their services. Therefore, the question of what is the best free antivirus software is now a bit mixed-up because the area is so fast moving.

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