Top 3 Benefits of Call Center Solution with the Collection Module

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Collection business is quite big and that’s the reason there are many companies that offer call center software with the collection module. This module can be really helpful and beneficial and this is explained in this article.

Call center software is usually used in multiple companies to run various inbound and outbound campaigns. If we look at the general scenarios, then the collection module is used in the companies that take care of campaigns as listed below:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Collection

We are going to talk about one of the biggest industries in the call center segment and that is collection companies. There are many companies and call centers that use call center solutions to run collection related campaigns.

Earlier, the same call center software was available to run any kind of campaign, including, collection. However, a revolutionary change is brought by the companies that invented the collection module for call centers. This module is available in some proprietary call center solutions and some are available as a module that can be integrated into any call center software such as VICIDial.

The collection module comes with customized features to benefit collection companies. This module can help in multiple ways and here are the top 3 benefits explained to you:

  1. Automates operations

Unlike traditional call center solutions, the call center software with the collection module takes care of certain specific operations related to collection companies. For example, the leads get filtered automatically that have already paid their EMIs. Thus, the agents don’t need to waste their time in reviewing all leads and remove them from the list. There are many other ways via which the call center solution with the collection module reduces manual work with automation.

  1. Improves productivity

As mentioned earlier, the agents don’t need to waste their time in tasks such as manual filtering leads or typing dispositions at the end of each call and other similar repetitive tasks. This saves a lot of time of agents and this time can be invested in real calling work. The whole process becomes simpler and the only thing an agent needs to do is answer the call and everything is automated or semi-automated. This increases the performance and productivity of the agents.

  1. Speed up cash recovery

The whole collection business is based on cash recovery. Thus, it is important to increase cash or EMI collection. The call center software with the collection module helps in achieving this goal. How? Well, the call center solution helps agents to go through the lead list multiple times using multiple auto dialers. This reduces the time of calling every customer for collection. Also, when a customer requests a callback, the call center software, itself, schedules a call on a specified time and date. Thus, the agent doesn’t need to do anything in this regard. The agent also sees the payment history of the customer during a live call and that’s how, he or she can personalize the pitch to increase chances of getting the payment for the EMI.

These are the top 3 benefits of the collection module available in and for call center software. There are many more benefits one can leverage. Even without any customization, it provides almost everything one needs to run a standard collection campaign.

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