Benefits, Types and Coverage of Brass Musical Insurance

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Are you a seasoned musician who performs professionally across the globe? Or, do you love to play with your favorite musical instruments at your home studio just as an amateur musician? Whatever your status is, you simply cannot deny the significance of musical insurance to protect the investment you made in your gear. There are multiple aspects of such coverage and you are free to choose the best one as per your needs. But with the increasing popularity of brass musical insurance in many industrial towns and villages, it always tops the chart. If you also own one or more brass musical instruments and have no idea how to safeguard them, you have come to the right place; Let us guide you through your brass instrument insurance journey by providing all necessary information about it.

What is Brass Instrument Insurance?

Before jumping into the details of the coverage, here is a brief description of brass instrument insurance itself. This musical insurance policy is specifically designed for instruments in which the pitches of sound are changed by blowing air through the mouthpieces. It does not matter whether the material of the instrument is brass or wood. As long as it produces a rich brassy sound, it is called a brass musical instrument. A specially developed insurance policy for it can protect the music gear from all sorts of risks including theft, loss, and damage so that you do not end up paying again for its repairing or replacement due to unavoidable incidents.

Why Get Your Brass Instruments Insured?

Well, the benefits of brass instrument insurance are manifold. Being specialist music insurance, it can work as a complete package for you. Here is why you should get one for yourself now:

  1. It is for every musician irrespective of his career profile, number of instruments he owns, and his level of earning.
  2. Customized yet comprehensive policies can be offered depending on your unique requirements.
  3. There is no need to worry about the fragile brass instruments whilst in transit as they remain covered fully.
  4. The gear remains safe both in and out of the home to give you complete peace of mind.
  5. You can get your brass instruments either replaced or repaired swiftly without spending extra money.
  6. The competitive covers can suit your budget even if you are a casual brass instrument player.

Types of Brass Instruments Covered

Brass musical instruments can be of different types and some of them are even considered to be the most classical pieces. Popular music genres like jazz, orchestra, etc. are incomplete without a brass band, which signifies a music ensemble comprising a standard range of instruments from the brass instrument family. This entire range of gear is, typically, insurable under the brass instrument insurance.

Some of the most common items in a brass band include French Horn, alto horn, baritone horn, flugelhorn, post horn, tenor horn, saxhorn, bugle, contrabass bugle, cornet, soprano cornet, mellophone, trombone, saxotromba, buccina, trumpet, helicon, tuba, saxtuba, Roman tuba, euphonium, and so on. However, it is not at all a comprehensive list and you can be offered the right cover for any other similar equipment by a professional insurance service provider.

Features of Brass Instrument Insurance Coverage

As a brass instrument player or collector, you will need to maintain the distinctive sound of your equipment while ensuring that it looks as good as new always. Thankfully, a policy by a reliable company can help you a lot. Following are the key features of coverage that can keep your instruments protected:

  • It protects from common risks, such as theft, loss, accidental damage, etc.
  • Shields from attempted theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters (flood, wind, earthquake)
  • Covers against public liability for third party accident or injury and damage during performances
  • Ensures the safety of the instruments on the move as well as when left unattended in vehicles
  • Extends the cover worldwide so that you can take your policy along with you everywhere

Nevertheless, the coverage of brass instrument insurance can vary from one policy to another. Some optional features offered by companies are equipment hire, mechanical breakdown, loss of earning, and so forth. In short, if you want to retain the bright, melodic sounds of your brass instruments, you have to opt for good brass musical insurance. Just choose one and stay secured!

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