Best Bubble Tea Locations In New York

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Bubble tea, a Taiwanese based tea sipped with chewy tapioca pearls have become overly popular from around the world. Back then, the drink was largely consumed by the Asian population. Now, bubble tea had exploded in popularity from all over the United States with different manufacturers serving its esteemed customers.


On average, new yorkers consume over six bubble tea every month, making it one of the states with the highest craze for bubble tea. The opening of different bubble tea stores drastically improved the consumption of the beverages, which makes it a staple among kids. In other words, just about everyone in the city drinks bubble tea. As a crazy lover of bubble tea, we went to the popular Gong Cha’s bubble tea chains in New York.


These locations boast of a serene, state of the art environment, where customers can enjoy their favorite bubble tea blend.


Gong Cha bubble tea New York – Chinatown


With several chains across America, Asia, and Europe, Gong cha is already a popular bubble tea store. However, what sets this store in Chinatown apart from other boba tea chain is its sweetener made with Taiwanese brown cane sugar, substituted for the regular artificial syrup.

Location: 1 Catherine Street, New York NY 10038

What to order: Taro Slush with Oreo


Gong Cha bubble tea New York- Manhattan


Already popular among expat and locals, this bubble tea store in Manhattan is one of the most trendy in manhattan. On average days, between 11 am-4 pm, the Gong Cha bubble tea store in Manhattan is filled to a good capacity with everyone eager to sip the incredible bubble tea. Additionally, the store also packs different varieties of bubble tea and flavors to fit into its customer’s preferences

Location: New York – Manhattan

160 E. 44th Street, New York, NY 10017

What to order: Incredible mixture of Oolong Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly


Gong Cha Bubble tea New York – Little Neck


With different bubble tea stores around, the little neck is no stranger to most bubble tea lovers. One of the popular features of a little neck is their milk tea series. As a result, it’s common to see a long queue of customers waiting to order their favorite milk tea series. However, as an enthusiastic bubble tea lover: we will tell you that the wait is well worth it.

Location: New York – Little Neck

252-01 Northern Blvd., Little Neck NY 11362

What to order: Golden bubble milk tea


Why should you visit these stores?


So that’s it. Gong Cha’s Bubble tea is very healthy, natural, freshly brewed and does not contain gluten. The Unlike certain brands that add powdered creams to their boba tea, Gong Cha strictly uses organic milk.


Each of these Gong Cha stores (and others) allows you to customize your drink based on preferences. For example, you can choose your level of sugar. Thanks to the “half sugar, full sugar, and no sugar” option. There’s also the option to replace sugar with honey.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Locations. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Flavors to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.

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