Delightful Flavors For A Halloween Bubble Tea Party

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In the US, November can mean two things. First, fall is officially here. Second? Everywhere is already getting spooky! Thanks to Halloween. Celebrate Halloween with a seasonally fun bubble tea party that features tapioca pearl tea, exciting table settings, and lots more.


Halloween Boba tea party is the best way to enjoy this hauntingly fun festival. From classic meat and mango to Honeydew and Thai tea, here are delightful flavors you need to throw a memorable Halloween tea party.


Classic Milk Tea / Brown Sugar


Here’s the masterpiece: the classic milk tea is made with the milk powder, sugar, black tea, and tapioca pearl. Its creamy and nutritious flavor blends with the rich tea flavor to keep your Halloween party blissful and fun-filled.


Those who have a sweet tooth can go for the brown sugar option. It promises a more delicious kick! If this Halloween period is your first time tasting bubble tea, then this Classic Milk Tea/Brown Sugar is a perfect steal.




Mango bubble tea is the best for anyone with a flair for the tropical and fruity palate. In our own opinion, mango is better in slushie form. Yes, there’s the bubble tea slushies! You can get them from a Gong Cha store near you.


When it’s cold, on a winter day, nothing feels sweeter than tasting delicious frozen cold mango drinks in your favorite beach.




Honeydew is an amazingly refreshing flavor that is commonly loved by many people. It’s a cool way to refresh this Halloween period. It’s also an excellent way to mix bubble tea with high nutrients. While most bubble tea may add lots of sugar, Gong Cha’s best bubble tea store in New York will allow you to customize your tea sugar level. Do you love to take fruits this Halloween? This is an excellent drink to start to enjoy.


Thai Tea


The orange color tea sweeps people off their feet- thanks to its sweet, creamy uniqueness. Thai tea originates from an ancient type of tea known as the Ceylon tea.

However, this yummy flavor brings Thailand straight into your mouth. And if anything is competing with the Thai tea- it’s Thai bubble tea.




A little sweet Asian root popularly called Taro is used to make this delicious purple drink. Don’t be scared by the color or the unique name, or you may regret you did. Describing Taro can be challenging, but it comes with an earthy, nutty, vanilla flavor. People often say it tastes like cream and cookies.




Reinvent your childhood memories by sipping fresh and delicious strawberry milk. Although it’s a little tangy but yummy, strawberries and Americans have been friends for long. And now in a more exciting way. Liquid or slushie, this best bubble tea will keep you satisfied and vitalized throughout the day.


Chocolate blended with Cheese Foam


Who doesn’t love chocolates? If you crave for a liquid brownie, here’s your perfect match. While this is different from your regular hot chocolate, you can still enjoy the milky, creamy feeling of chocolate.


If you’re lucky to find a store like Gong Cha’s bubble tea store that has the cream cheese foam, you’ll be able to enjoy a tea that has the chocolate cheesecake taste. It’s a perfect drink the dinner Halloween camping.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Franchise. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Flavors to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.

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