Best Multifunction Parental Control App Famisafe to Best child tracker app FamiSafe for modern families

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Best child tracker app FamiSafe

you can easily know the real-time location of your kids and you can even track it. with the help of the location tracker app, you can receive and review the location history of your child. You can even get instant alerts When your child goes out of an area from which you have restricted them to go from. Even when they leave the geofence you can also get the notification. FamiSafe parental control app is one of the most trusted and reliable Location tracker apps which allow you not to worry when your kids go out alone.

What if your kids meet some unknown stranger and They are so unfamiliar that they may take your children to dangerous places? If your kids are notorious and they may leave your school and may even skip classes without knowing and getting it into your knowledge. You can easily rely on and trust on location tracker app and get the exact and live location of your child.

Know the live location of your child 

You can easily view the real-time location of your kid and you can get the current location of your kid you can, however, stop calling where are you all the time for your kids. You may now easily grasp the real-time location of your child at any time and wherever you are. You can easily check whether they are in school or whether they are at home or in the required place. You can easily provide your kids from going to some strange places or unsafe places.

Knowing your Kids location 

These apps help you to get around the location of your child. The feature of geofences is also available in the software of these apps. Geofences are the safe places that you decide your children should not cross them and you do not allow them to pass a sudden area due to some of the other reasons.

Knowing your Kids location

If your boy or girl tries to cross these geo fences then you always get a quick notification above it that your children have crossed the area of distance which you have decided them to not cross.

You can also get around the time table and location history of your child so that you can experience the best interest of your child and you can also build up the trust between you can your child so that you can spend no time on having eyes on your child because you now have the location tracking app installed in their phone.

Checking location history

You may easily get the location history of your child you may even get the timeline where your child has been in his past routine in a certain place, he went but didn’t tell you about, then you may easily get their location history and you may even get the time details your child followed. The app also provides you the path followed by your child to reach its life location. the path Follow detail helps you to get the exact route your child has followed and you may get in touch with them easily.

You may even know the recent activity area of your child where he has been cool store this app also provides information about where your child has been at a particular time. You may Even get the knowledge of the places where Your child regularly Goes and hey the total time spent there.

Checking location history

Signing up Famisafe parental control app

You may easily Sign up into an account off the location tracker app by following the simple steps return down

Step 1   Download the Famisafe location tracker app from Google play store, Amazon, Apple store

               On both mobile phones and get it installed on both gadgets.

Step 2   Register a Famisafe location track app with both the devices and also get all desktop entries


Step 3   Once you get all the desktop entries filled then your application is ready to be used.

Step 4   This app can be installed on your Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, or Mac devices easily.

Step 5   complete all the setup given to you by the app and then your app is ready to be used

Step 6    View and set restrictions on your kid’s device on your app.

Awards won by Famisafe parental control location tracker app 

The most reliable and the most trusted location tracker app has won many awards. It has won the national parenting centre award, the national parenting products award, and mom’s Choice Awards in 2020.               

Awards won                            

Mom’s choice award has given this a board that has honouring excellence. This app has been the winner of the national parenting products award and it has also gained a seal of approval from the national parenting centre.

This app shows you the real-time location of your kids and you can easily ensure the safety and location of your kids. The location history can also be checked by the timeline software of this app.

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