How to Choose A Flattering Tie Side Bikini Bottom

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String bikinis have been the first preference in swimwear for women for decades. The tie side bikini bottom looks irresistibly flattering and also offers flexibility in the size. You can adjust them to your size, which is not possible in most swimsuit bottoms. Though, it might be challenging to choose the right swimsuit from so many options. Don’t worry; we have created a rundown of the tips and tricks to decide your next tie side bikini bottom. 

What features to look for while purchasing them

1. Double Lined

Double-lined swimsuit bottoms are designed with two different pieces of swimwear fabrics stitched together. The alternative to this design can be one layer of the liner and another layer of swimwear fabric. Liner is a thinner type of fabric and can have varying colours from the swimwear fabric. Double-lined swim bottoms are preferable because they are more durable, remain in the original shape for long, and do not get faded easily. A beautiful bikini set can flatter everybody at the beach, and adding an extra layer of matching fabric can add the cherry on top. 

2. Seamless

The seamless swimsuit is designed by sewing a thin elastic under two layers of fabric. It creates a seam that is invisible to eyes and touch. You can choose the swimsuit with swimwear fabric and a piece of liner stitched together for an alternative. Seams help the bottoms to stay in place, and they work ideally for full coverage swim bottoms. However, when shopping for cheeky swim bottoms, consider buying seamless designs because they are more comfortable. Seamless tie-side bikini bottoms are also comparatively more durable. 

3. Avoid Low Rise

The suggestion speaks for itself but remembers to avoid extra low rise swim bottoms without fail. The low rise bottom may have been the popular trend, but it does not feel the same when you wear them. Low rise bikini sets fail to make you feel comfortable. Look for the bottoms that sit higher up the hips and are comfortable along with beautiful. It will make you look slimmer and avoid the muffin top effect when the bottoms sit too low.    

4. Adjustable

One of the great benefits of purchasing tie-side bikini bottoms is that they are adjustable. You can wear them for years without worrying about the change in body shape. Since they are adjustable, they can fit according to your size. A recent trend is string bikini bottoms with a thin string on the side that is quite difficult to tie. Although it looks pretty, wearing this bottom might not offer comfort and the freedom for adjustability.  

What size to choose? 

Cheeky or full coverage? How much coverage you want to buy totally depends on your preferences. You must feel comfortable in what you are wearing, and the same goes for the swimsuits. Pick the coverage that makes you feel sexier and confident at the same time. For tie-side bikini bottoms, it is preferable to purchase cheekier coverage. Why? Because the ties of adjustable bottoms can loosen under the water. The extra fabric also gets collected in the center, and the weight of the water makes it look bulgy. That is why cheekier coverage bottoms are safer and sexy to wear underwater.   

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How to wear a tie-side bikini bottom?

The favourite trend of wearing side tie bottoms is when they sit high on the hips. High-rise swim bottom enhances the legs’ shape, makes the curves look more flattering, and does not provide discomfort while swimming. They also do not give muffin tops that happen due to low-rise bikini sets.  

The stores offer some undoubtedly appealing swim bottoms. It all comes down to your preferences and comfort; follow them, and you’ll have the best swimsuit right there. 

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