Best Frameworks for PHP Web Development

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PHP is a simple, free, and most popular scripting language. Still, oftentimes it can be monotonous to work on this language. That is where PHP frameworks come in the PHP web development services. Although, there are mixed opinions on using frameworks in PHP web development. For beginners -it is useful as it provides great simplicity and code stability, on the contrary, experienced programmers believe it to be used by “weak developers” who does not know how to write a clean code. But the inevitable truth behind this is PHP frameworks save time and tighten up one’s coding.

Now, What exactly the framework is?

The framework is a universal platform, having general functionalities, which can be changed as per the requirement by developers through user-written code. PHP frameworks work on the idea of the Model View Controller (MVC). This helps in breaking up the development process of an application so that developers can work exclusively on independent elements without affecting the other. This makes coding faster and less complicated.

Why should you choose PHP frameworks?

-Is structured
-Promotes Rapid Application Development (RAD).
-Provides pre-built modules of coding to reduce the amount of repetitive coding for developers
-Ensures that code is written only once for common functionalities

There are a lot of PHP frameworks available in web development these days. And if you are looking for PHP web development services then for your convenience I have discussed some best of the PHP frameworks used in today’s time.

-It is a lightweight framework built with keeping performance in mind.
-Applies MVC based architecture to create scalable apps.
-Gets started quickly due to its simple and excellent documentation.
-Does not work on shared hosting plans, have tons of out of the box functionality, robust encryption packages, unit testing by FAST on HHVM.
-Uses dynamic methods for overloading capabilities

-It is a straightforward framework along with being a light weighted (like Laravel) which gets installed without any hassle.
-An ideal framework for beginners
-If compared with others it is a faster framework
-Has highly illustrated documentation
-Like Laravel, it also uses MVC architecture, topnotch error handling and inbuilt security tools are its key features. It is not as good as Laravel in unit testing but is able to use normal web hosting services.

-It is a perfect choice for large scale enterprise, highly flexible allowing the developer to set up individual components
-byte code caching offers high performance
-has inbuilt testing functionality
-As companies are moving to MVC architecture, Symphony 2 does not support the same. But it has in-built testing functionality

-It is a best suited for commercial applications
-avails scaffolding system
-Compared with Laravel not as good in constructing RESTful APIs but its key features includes high-security barriers like SQL injection protection, input validation,cross-site request forgery protection, cross-site scripting protection, etc

-It can give best results when used for e-commerce projects, portals, CMS, forums, like endeavor
-It serves high security and growth-friendly
-It is known for its excellent speed and performance and is highly extensible, that you can customize almost every code present.
– It may get messy if things are not well organized.

-It is the ideal choice for an enterprise application, also it is object-oriented.
-Not a good choice for rapid application development but has MVC components, simple cloud API, data encryption and session management are some of its key features.

In Bottom Line

Frameworks used in PHP web development, are created to let developers create websites in an easy and efficient way and can save time to focus on other important things included in web development.
In my opinion, all the PHP frameworks discussed above are good in there own way. To choose which one is best for your project you should always do extensive research about each framework. You must consider the requirements like scalability, speed, features, support and more then definitely you will end choosing the best framework for your project or you can take help from
PHP web development services to assist you in choosing the right framework. And once you are done selecting the framework you will all set to dive in.

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