Best Gift Ideas For Indian Bride’s Trousseau

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Preparing Indian wedding trousseau is one of the most emotional things that a bride does to start a new life. It comprises of things of daily use or other items of decking up that the girl needs. The items used in trousseau make interesting gifts for the bride too.

wedding trousseau

Indian wedding is one of the most pompous events organized in the country. The Indian bride is on her way to the new life. She is sent away with lots of blessings and love.

One of the best ways of showing love and showering blessings is giving her beautiful gifts. It is a tradition that the girl leaves the father’s house with Indian wedding trousseau. The trousseau is the bag that she prepares for starting a new life in the husband’s home.

She includes a lot many things that help her sustain on her own and be ready for social meetings which are the obvious things to happen after the marriage.

Listed here are some of the items that can be gifted to the girl. These can be used as gift ideas for her if you, as a parent or friends, are searching for some.

  • Sarees: Indian ethnic wear makes every bride look beautiful. A bride meeting the people from the husband’s side chooses to dress up in ethnic clothing.

Sarees are the most stylish Indian clothes that are worn on religious ceremonies, and various rituals too. Thus, these make it to the list of gift ideas for women.

wedding gifts for indian bride

When selecting the sarees for brides, you can refer to collections of Banarasi saree, Kanjivaram Saree, Patola Sarees and others. Silk, crepe silk, chiffon, georgette are some of the materials which are used for making sarees for Indian brides.

  • Designer blouses: Though sarees come mostly with attached blouse pieces, still you can experiment with other varieties of blouses that coordinate with the sarees beautifully.

The blouses can be made of embroidered cloth, or you can use ruffles, hems or mirror work, Dori work, etc, to create stylish blouses.

While selecting the blouses for mix and match, one can make use of neutral colors like silver, gold, cream, etc. which can form a perfect contrast to most of the saree colors.

  • Jewellery sets: It can be gold jewellery, or you can also include gemstone jewellery. Necklace sets or pendant sets complement the ethnic wear beautifully.


The brides can perk up their looks by wearing various kinds of jewellery sets. So, more of these in the trousseau, better it is for the women getting into a nuptial knot.

wedding gifts for indian bride

Apart from complete jewellery sets, one can also gift bracelets or necklaces alone. The statement jewellery looks good with plain sarees, while the heavy work sarees can be complemented with sleek jewellery.

So, jewellery offers interesting ideas to make wedding gifts for Indian bride.

  • Makeup material: Lipsticks or lip color set comprising of many colors, nail paints, brush set, foundations or concealers can be included in the form of a complete makeup kit, or these can be gifted individually depending upon the budget.

Makeup is an essential part of dressing up for occasions just after the wedding. Thus, you are likely to get more space in her thoughts when you gift her with the makeup materials.

  • Toiletories: Toileteries’ kit also makes a very good gift option for Indian brides. If you are someone aware of the preferences of the bride, you surely can gift her with these essentials.

The face cream, moisturizer, face powder, facial scrub pack, hair oil, combs’ set can be quite useful for the woman who needs dressing up in the new house. Mostly, mothers or husbands can gift these to the brides because they are the ones who know her completely.

wedding gifts for indian bride

So, consider these gift ideas for Indian brides. If you want to go off the grid, you can consider gifting her with spa coupons which she can use for rejuvenating herself after tiring ceremonies.

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