Choosing A Golf Course Mower For Rough Jobs

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The well-maintained appearance of a golf-course substantially depends on the quality of mowers you are using for turf trimming. The turf of a golf course alone occupies more than 30 hectares of land. The maintained area is divided  into 4 different categories i.e 

  • Tees
  • Fairway 
  • Greens 
  • Roughs

The Tees area begins from holes of the golf course followed by fairway, greens and rough. Tees require the highest precision and closest mowing to keep the ground ideal for gameplay. Here you need a reel mower capable of working at the lowest possible profile without damaging the roots of the turf. Fairway and greens also need reel blades to attain perfect mowing results. This golf course equipment is the primary requirement but you cannot use it everywhere. Slow speed is the biggest drawback of a reel mower. In order to meet the issues with job execution speed, rotary mowers came into existence. These mowers work opposite to the reel blades. Where reels rotate horizontally, rotary blades trim grass vertically. It works very fast but not suitable for tasks that require high precision. Still, John Deere, Toro and Jacobsen golf course mowers of the rotary mechanism are popular because of their extensive requirements. We need rotary mowers for jobs that require less precision. Scroll down to understand the significance more clearly. 

Rotary mowers to execute rough jobs in a golf course

  • Rough area maintenance 

Rough is the most external area in a maintained turf but it also needs regular maintenance. If ignored, the rough area will gradually turn into hazards. Moreover, it also becomes a safe haven for pests and weeds. The length of grass in the rough area may remain between 1.5 to 3 inches. A rotary mower can easily handle mowing tasks at this height. Even used golf course mowers can also work efficiently in this area if purchased from a reliable supplier. However, make sure that the used golf course equipment belongs to a reputed brand. 

  • Hazards management 

Hazards are of different types in a golf course. Whether they are bunkers, water ponds or bushes, everything comes in hazards. Land hazards (bushes and long grass) meets a rough maintained area. In order to maintain a significant difference between both, you need a rotary mower. There are some walk-behind models specifically meant to control the growth of plants in the hazards area. Instead of metal blades, nylon rope is equipped with rotators to remove hazards effectively without any damage. 

Rough mowers are also available in multiple categories. You need both walk behind as well as seating-accommodated models. 

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