Different Types of Bandsaws

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Different Types of Bandsaws


Thinking about getting a band saw, but confused because several market options are available? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here, you will learn about different types of band saws available along with their specifications and functions. This article will help you in choosing the best fit for your task.

What is a band saw? 

A band saw is a circular saw that uses a wheel with teeth running around its circumference to cut through metal and wood. It can make straight, curved, or angled cuts in different materials. Band saws are used in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, and even forestry.

Band saws are an essential tool in woodworking and metalworking. They are used for cutting strips, curves, and shapes from wood, metal, or plastic. They can be found in various sizes, and designs ranging from the small scroll saw to the large band saw for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Different Types of Bandsaws:

Different bandsaws depend on the type of material you want to cut. There are many different bandsaws available in the market, with some being more expensive than others. There are three main types of bandsaws:

Handheld Bandsaw – 

A handheld bandsaw is a versatile tool that can be used for many different applications. A handheld bandsaw is one of the Best Band Saw for cutting wood, metal, plastics, and other materials. The handheld bandsaw is easy to use and has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around.

It is important to remember that the handheld bandsaw has limitations in its power and speed. It cannot cut through thicker materials such as metal or steel without difficulty, and it can only handle small pieces of wood at one time.

advantages of using the handheld bandsaw:

  • It is portable.
  • It can cut big and small pieces of wood without moving them around. –
  • It is easy to use, so it can be used by people with minimal or no experience with power tools.

Benchtop Bandsaw – 

The benchtop band saw is a small, portable, and versatile saw that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used for cutting wood or metal, and it is easy to use and transport. It can be used on the workbench or a work stand. It is among the Best Band Saw in 2022 and is typically designed to be operated by hand, but some benchtop bandsaws have an electric motor.

The benchtop bandsaw is commonly used in the woodworking industry for cutting thin strips of wood and other materials. It can also be used for cutting metal and plastics and removing material from larger items such as car bodies.

A benchtop band saw has many advantages over other types of machines, such as:

  • The ability to be moved around easily
  • Being able to cut more than one material at a time.
  • They also tend to be cheaper than most stationery or portable machines,

Portable Bandsaw – 

A portable bandsaw is a power tool carried to the worksite and used to cut wood. This tool can be either handheld or mounted on a stand. Portable Bandsaws are not just for professionals anymore. Nowadays, they are also popular among DIYers and people who like to build their furniture.

What are the benefits of using a portable bandsaw?

  • It’s easier to transport and use.
  • It’s cheaper than a stationary bandsaw.
  • It’s easy to store when not in use.
  • A portable bandsaw can be used in tight spaces where it would be difficult for a stationary saw to operate without bumping into something or getting stuck.

The band saw you choose highly depends upon your requirement.


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