Know the Process of Getting PR After New Zealand Student Visa!

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New Zealand PR: With beautiful, breath-taking landscapes, contemporary infrastructures, a low unemployment rate, and a healthy economy, New Zealand is unquestionably a desirable place to settle and earn a living, making it a popular country for students worldwide.

As we all know, most New Zealand student visa are required for anyone traveling to New Zealand for more than three months to participate in a course, training, program, or even attend school. Please note that Resident Visa and Permanent Resident Visa are not interchangeable.

Following completing a degree from one of New Zealand’s renowned universities, the next step is to apply for a suitable type of visa, relying on the work opportunity. This can be broken down into the following categories:

Post-Study Work VISA (Open): For students who have completed their studies but are still looking for a New Zealand work visa, this visa offers a variety of opportunities. This visa allows you to stay in the nation for three years to look for work in your field of study or research. In the meantime, you are free to work in any area in New Zealand to support yourself.

Employer-Assisted Post-Study Work VISA: On the other hand, this visa is not flexible in terms of the type of employment you can have once you finish your studies. This visa allows you to look for a specified work role with a certain firm within a two-year timeframe. Please remember to apply for this visa within three months of your student visa expiring.

The Student PR Process in New Zealand

The application for a PR VISA costs 190 NZD and can be obtained in New Zealand under the following conditions:

  • Resident VISA for Skilled Migrants: This is the best option for New Zealand immigration, however, you must first fill out an online Expression of Interest (EOI) (Expression of Interest). NZ Immigration will contact you within two weeks if your EOI has been selected. Then you must submit your residence application together with the required transcripts and other papers. After your application has been processed, you should hear from the immigration office within ten working days.
  • If you are the spouse/partner, parent, or dependent child of a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand, you can apply for a PR visa under this category. One thing to keep in mind is that you must be sponsored in New Zealand by one of the relatives stated above in order to stay with them as a permanent residence.
  • You can apply for a Business and Investment VISA under the Investor Category if you want to invest in a New Zealand-based firm. Another option is to apply under the Entrepreneur Category, which requires you to show that you want to start a business in the country. Even after all of these things are taken into account, there is still a problem. New Zealand Immigration has complete authority over whether or not to approve or deny your application.

You’ll need this information to understand your requirements and apply for the right New Zealand student VISA before applying for permanent residency in New Zealand. So again, wishing you the best of success with your application!

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