Top 5 Advantages Of Using Removable Bollards

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Bollards are safety equipment that are used for protection of areas like streetscapes with heavy traffic, footpaths, areas where pedestrians gather for an event, parking lots etc. The temporary or removable bollards are generally preferred in such areas so that they can be used and then removed after the need is fulfilled.

What are Safety Bollards?

Safety bollards are an essential part of security. They make sure that a certain perimeter is secured. The major purpose of installing bollards is to physically prevent the entry or exit of unauthorized cars or people at a certain location. Here are the top five advantages of removable bollards.


  • The bollards are built to last. The sturdiness of bollards provide a visual value in the places where they are installed. They come with a stylish and modern look. Most bollards are in yellow or black color with a dome shaped top.
  • Removable bollards do not demand any maintenance. They are basically designed to withstand all weather conditions. And the fact that they are made of steel, which does not rust, also tells about their non corrosive nature. The removable bollards can be easily installed and removed. They are much cheaper than that of permanent bollards.
  • Apart from providing safety in the parking lots and footpaths, there is a lot more that bollards offer. In places like parks, museums, theaters and stadiums these bollards are placed at the exit and entry gates to guide people about the path. The bollards are also placed to make the drivers aware about the areas where they can not enter with vehicles.
  • Removable bollards offer temporary restriction on the entry and exit areas when needed. Also they can be easily removed during the time of emergencies. The temporary bollards are used to break up traffic in the busy streets. They secure several lanes for a particular perimeter from approaching traffic.
  • Lastly, temporary bollards are majorly used at the construction sites. They help in informing drivers about the no entry in the ongoing construction area. Many other safety equipment like anti slip stair nosings are also used in the construction sites. All of this helps in the safety of the workers and visitors.

Placement of Bollards

The removable bollards are placed at a particular distance. Technically they must be positioned 1.5 feet from an edge in the areas where vehicles are parked behind the curb. In case they have to be placed somewhere else, they can be placed directly next to the curb. Apart from ths, the average distance of 3 feets must be maintained between every bollard. Not to forget, that more than 5 feets of distance is also not acceptable. By doing so you will be compromising with the bollards’ actual ability to block vehicles from entering or exiting in a particular area.

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