Does 100% Cotton Shrink- Ways to Keep Cotton From Shrinking

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Whether it is pure cotton or cotton blend, every cotton clothing can shrink after a few washes and uses. Any clothing that contains a bit of cotton can shrink when exposed to heat. To prevent them from shrinking, you need to take proper care of the material. The hunt for good quality fabric ends you up at cotton, and the question that you probably think is, “does 100% cotton shrink”. Since you already have the answer to this question, take a look at the techniques to keep the way from shrinking. 

Cotton cloth can be easily washed, but you need to follow care guidelines like dry-cleaning only or cold water wash. 

Guide to keep cotton from shrinking

Incredible features like readability, comfortability, and versatility make it evident that cotton is among the most sought-after fabrics throughout the year. However, like other fabrics, cotton also shrinks after a few uses or exposure to extreme temperatures. But it does not mean that you cannot prevent your clothes like those best cotton t-shirts for men from shrinking. A few easy steps can take care of your cotton clothing and avoid shrinking. 

  • Machine washing

To wash cotton clothes in the washing machine, set it on a delegate cycle and use cold water only. Hot water can shrink cotton. 

After washing, hang the clothes straight to prevent shrinking due to the dryer. If you want to dry them in the dryer, use low heating or zero heating mode. Taken out of the dryer and handsome straight until they are completely dry. It will prevent both wrinkles and shrinking. 

  • Hand washing

If you like to wash your clothes with your hands, only use a clean tub or sink. Fill the tub with clean and warm water and pour a few drops of laundry soap that are ideal for handwashing. Put the clothes in the washing water and rub them gently using your hands. Let them soak in the water for the perfect time or what is mentioned on the detergent’s pack. This may vary from the type or brand of the detergent. 

To rinse the cotton tee shirts, men have to take the water from the tub and fill it again with cold water. Gently rub the clothes until the soap bubbles no longer exist. You may need to do this more than once to remove all the bubbles. 

Rinse out excess water from the cloth by squeezing but not wringing them out. After doing that, lay them flat or line dry them or use a dryer with low or no heat. 

Can You Non-shrink Cotton Garments?

Even if you are a pro at cleaning stuff, there might be chances that you shrank one of your favorite clothes. Thankfully, there is still scope to bring your dead cotton fabrics back to life. 

You can reverse the shrunken t-shirt. Soak the t-shirt entirely into the water and lay it flat on the ground. You can gently stretch your wet cloth using your hands, lying on a flat surface. Do it until it reaches the size you want. Now that you have already got your answer to does 100% cotton shrink, it’s now time to bring out the most of your cotton tees. Buy the best ones from Perk Clothing and make them last longer.


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