Is Board And Train Dog Training Solution To Your Training Issues

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Is your dog giving you a tough time while training? Perhaps you have a dog on the loose who’s pooping around in the house, or maybe jumping on your guests and end up scratching them. Of Course, the scratch can be accidental, but your dog’s issues are serious. Maybe it’s time to hire professional help if things are getting out of hand. When you search for dog training, you will come across a popular type of dog training – a board and train dog training. In the next few minutes, you’ll know if this program is the solution to your training issues. 

What is board and train dog training?

You must have gone to a boot camp as a kid. Well, a board and train facility is just the same thing for pet dogs. It’s a facility where dogs are kept for two or more weeks to teach and train. The trainers present their work on each dog separately to provide them with basic to advanced dog training. They also eliminate behavioral problems like unnecessary barking and aggression. This brings us to the next part, i.e., how to be sure that you picked the right facility?

Things to take care of

Some people find sending their dogs for board and train overwhelming. The idea of leaving the pet in a new place with new people can be a little scary, especially when you don’t have access to the class. If you feel the same, you must take care of a few things to find a safe and positive facility for your dog. 

  • Discuss the equipment and method that the trainer is planning to use as well as the type of behavioral training your dog will learn here. If you want, you can get it in writing. 
  • Enquire about the space your dog will live in during the boarding. Is it in a kennel outside, or will the trainer keep it at his/her home?
  • It is also essential to know how many dogs are currently there at the facility. What are their common behaviors? Check if they respond well to the trainer or show signs of fear and resentment. This factor can help you analyze if your pup is in the right hands. 
  • Insist on allowing your visits and take advantage of this privilege.
  • If you can, take feedback from former clients. A follow-up from ex-clients is very important.
  • Know that just like humans, dogs too learn at their own pace. So, if someone guarantees a result, be careful.

Best alternative for the board and train dog training

If the training issues aren’t serious, and your dog doesn’t show problems around strangers, then hiring a trainer is an excellent alternative to the board and training program. The individual trainer works on specific types of teaching as per your requirement.

Conclusion: dogs are not robots; they follow a learning process just like any other living being. Whatever type of training you choose for your dog, know that you still need to put in efforts and be patient. 

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