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5 Best Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions – Zellij Gallery

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Flooring is the most important thing in enriching the look of any home. If you want to give your home the best look then you must use only eco-friendly materials. People are now considering eco-friendly things more as the awareness about the environment is rising. Therefore, you should also pick eco-friendly flooring solutions to give your home a unique look.

For example, you can use Moroccan tiles which are highly popular these days. A floor shining with Moroccan tile will surely attract you many compliments from your guests. Here, we bring you other top 6 eco-friendly flooring solutions that you must try.

  1. Cork

Cork is a new flooring material that is now used in the flooring world. Cork is collected from the bark of the cork oak tree. Cork flooring is rich in antimicrobial property that makes it best for minimizing allergies. Moreover, cork flooring is very easy to maintain and it acts as an insect repellant too. Cork flooring can easily last from 20 to 30 years depending upon the material you choose.

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is another latest eco-friendly flooring option that is now rapidly gaining popularity. Bamboo is a very durable material that is easy to install and maintain as well. Moreover, bamboo trees grow very quickly between periods of three to five years. Bamboo flooring is available in many different hues that give it an edge over traditional flooring.

  1. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are made with recycled wine and beer bottles. Glass is a renewable source that is a wonderful material for bathroom floors. Glass flooring is non-absorptive and does not mold easily in the damp environment. Moreover, the maintenance of the glass tiles is very easy and they won’t stain. Glass tiles are available in an array of colors and patterns. The best thing is that glass tiles reflect light rather than absorbing it.

  1. Concrete

Polished concrete has recently gained popularity which is also the most durable flooring option. Concrete is a slab on grade and used widely in residential settings. Plus, there is no need to add traditional flooring over concrete as now they are polished and tinted according to the taste of homeowners. The design possibilities are countless such as tiled effect with colors and inlying glass. The best thing is that concrete is highly durable and very easy to clean as well.

  1. Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood is now seen as the eco-friendly flooring option. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made by reusing the existing wood from the tree. This type of wood flooring is perfect for old homes and in a beach cottage as well. Make sure that the hardwood used for flooring is labeled with an FSC certificate. This ensures that the wood comes from the responsible forest management source. This means they grow more trees for every tree they cut for protecting the environment.

On the Ending Note

Above all, Moroccan tiles are best to use and they also look unique. Buy Moroccan tile from a good and reliable seller to ensure its highest quality. Moroccan bathroom tiles to update every bit of the interior and exterior of your house. These are manufactured by true artists to portray the traditional art.