Effective Tips That Helps to Choose Best Water Filter

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The ever-increasing needs of humans have created situations wherein water, a precious resource required for all living things is not easily available in drinkable form. To be free from waterborne diseases and healthy, we now need to put water through several levels of purification before it can become potable. The kind of purification required is not the same everywhere and varies based on the quality of water available. This also forms the basis for the kind of water filter required.

If you too need to choose a water purifier for home, you can make the decision-making process easier by making use of the following effective suggestions:

Know the Quality of Water

Before you purify water, you need to know what impurities exist therein and use a relevant purification method. The water could have suspended impurities, dissolved chemical impurities or biological impurities. Each of these needs a different kind of treatment. Hence, as a first step, get the water tested. You can approach a local laboratory that conducts such tests. Alternatively, you can contact various water purifier manufacturers to conduct a free test for you.

Choose the Right Treatment

The suspended impurities can easily be removed using ultrafiltration. If there are dissolved impurities in large quantities, including salts, chemicals, and heavy metals, you will need to opt for RO purification. If the water has biological impurities, UV purification is the right technology to use.

Understand Your Requirements

Your choice of water filter technology depends on the impurities, but the rest of it depends on your family size, the space in the house, electricity and water supply and of course your budget.


If there are frequent power cuts in your area or have electricity for a limited period during the day, you might have to choose a filter that does not require electricity for operation or one that has a storage container to last you throughout the day.

Water Supply

Similarly, if the water supply is not continuous, you will need to store the filtered water in a safe and clean container.

Family Size

Your family size will decide how much water you need to be filtered during the day and hence you can choose the filtration capacity accordingly


And last, but surely not the least, the funds that you can spare for investing in the water filter plays an important role in your decision-making.

Once you have ensured that the products you are considering are suitable as per these important factors, you can prepare a shortlist. Then you can look at another very important factor.


You can remove any product that does not have any authorized certification from the list. Certification tells you that the products have passed certain quality tests conducted by the authorities.

Now, you can make your final choice and have the best water purifier installed at home – one that gives you good quality drinking water fulfills all your needs and suits your pocket as well. The good quality water obtained from the purifier will contribute to the health of your family.


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