How Does A Buzzer Work & What are its Uses?

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Buzzers can be both useful and fun in electric circuits, they are used in fair amount for making amazing projects. Buzzers are a simple and inexpensive means of providing communication between electronic products and the user. Piezo and magnetic buzzers are used in similar applications with the primary differences being that magnetic buzzers operate from lower voltages and higher currents than their piezo buzzer counterparts, while piezo buzzers offer users higher SPLs in generally larger footprints.

But have you ever noticed how does a buzzer work? Whether you buy any buzzer, or you approach buzzer manufacturers in China, the procedure is same in all products.

Let’s take a look at what is going inside a buzzer to produce sound.

 Working of Buzzers

An electric buzzer consist of an outside case with two pins to attach it with power and ground inside is a piezo element which consist of a central ceramic disc surrounded by a metal often with often bronze vibration disc. When current is applied to the buzzer, it causes the ceramic disc to contract or expand

This then causes the surrounding discs to vibrate. That’s the sound that you hear by changing the frequency of buzzer. The speed of vibration changes which in turn changes the pitch of resulting sound. Now, the buzzing noise which you hear is, the sound of swiftly moving arm which is hitting magnet and the stationary contact many times within a second.

A ringer framework chips away at the very same thought, with the exception of the moving arm is appended to a long clapper, which rests close by a round chime. As the arm moves to and fro, the clapper hits the ringer more than once. This is a similar framework utilized in antiquated alarms and school chimes.

Nowadays, a great many people don’t have signals or chimes in their homes. The standard doorbell configuration today makes a gentler ringing sound. In the following area, we’ll perceive how this framework works.

 Best Uses of Electric Buzzers

Since buzzers come with high resistancy, and votag power, its its must to consider its use in terms of electrical and physical parameters. Beside recurrence and SPL, the working voltage, current draw, and thunderous recurrence are for the most part key variables when picking between a piezo and attractive signal. However, the main uses of buzzers include; door bell, timers, alarm devices,  and confirmation of user input like; a mouse click or keystroke.

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