5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

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Hong Kong for a long time has been described as the shopper’s paradise for its magnificent shopping malls’ however, there is so much in Hong Kong than family shopping malls. Visitors get an opportunity to sample a variety of local food, enjoy the city view from some of the highest buildings in the world like the pearl Hong Kong, and visit modern movie setting around the city.

Visitors can also take advantage of visa-free travel within the city, convenient and modern transport around the city.

The guide below can help you to imagine what to get once you are in Hong Kong as you prepare your visit to Hong Kong.

1. Hong Kong is a Multicultural city.

Visitors can experience Chinese and Western customs. For instance, the South Asian store in Chung king visitors can experience the rich Chinese culture while simultaneously enjoying the fusion of diverse cultural background of Chinese people. While in Hong Kong you can visit various skyscrapers such as the Cullinan Towers, the Masterpiece Towers and the Nina Towers where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee as you watch the beautiful Hong Kong landscape.

2. Early in the morning visitors can attend the good luck prayers in Po Lin Monastery and the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. One of the most memorable moment while in Hong Kong is tasting the winter special menu of the December 22 Solstice Festival before joining Christmas Eve prayers at St. John’s Cathedral Christian church.

3. Cuisine:

Taste Local food and dishes from all cultures in the world. Hong Kong was best known as the Asia Culinary capital due to its exquisite experience of mouthwatering local and international dining facilities accommodating couples, families and business meetings.

4. The light flavors of the local food prepared from fresh ingredients have a pleasing appearance and not only delicious but also has health benefits in your body. Visitors from India, Korea, Thailand, and even Africa are not excluded from the menu as delicious food just like that from home is also prepared for them.

5. Hong Kong is the World trendsetter in terms of fashion clothes, cosmetic, electronic goods, expensive watches fashion clothes, Hong Kong massage among others. During the high sales season, you can buy some goods at relatively cheaper prices than where they were produced.

6. Sightseeing from the Breath-Taking Harbor Skylines and Views from Victoria Peak. Visitors get to reach the summit of the Victoria Peak where they can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the beautiful Hong Kong city. The peak platform enables the visitors to have the bird’s eyes viewing the whole of Victoria Harbor and even the Hong Kong downtown.

7. Family-Friendly where kids can also enjoy playing and meeting a variety of cartoon characters and riding bikes in Disneyland and visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum the hemispherical dome where they can watch the science movies. Boat riding is also available where the family can ride for the fishing competition.

8. Festivals in which the family can celebrate Western and Eastern Festivals with Locals. There are various festivals in Hong Kong such as the New year’s Eve and the Christmas celebration and during this time building and streets have a special decoration that marks the significance of each festive. Firework performance is numerous and rigorous at the Victoria Harbor, especially during the New Year’s Eve.

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