Handy Guide to Visiting Patong

A Handy Guide to Visiting Patong, Phuket’s Vibrant Beach Town

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Patong is the major tourist region of Phuket, and for good reason. Set on the western side of the island, this bustling town has a beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches, an array of hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, markets and other great attractions. It’s very happening in Patong, and anyone that likes a lively getaway would absolutely love it here. Brightsun Travel offers cheap tickets to Phuket from the UK, available all year round. Read our useful guide on visiting Patong and what this incredible town has to offer.


Patong boasts a number of excellent shopping hubs, from bustling local markets to impressive shopping malls. The largest mall in Phuket is located here – Jungceylon, in the heart of the town selling everything from fashion items and electronics to souvenirs, cosmetics and perfumes. For a traditional shopping experience, visit the Malin Plaza Patong, a colourful night market offering great value local street food, beachwear, accessories, souvenirs and more.


The main highlight of Patong is the nightlife; it’s one of Thailand’s top destinations for it. Bangla Road is the heart of the town’s night scene with neon-lights galore and a wide range of nightclubs, live music venues and bars to dance the night away at. Another popular nightspot in Patong is the Simon Cabaret theatre, which puts on world-class live dance, music and comedy shows. You are sure to have a wild night of fun in Patong.


Patong Beach is the star attraction in town, with powder white sands and lush palms. It’s easily accessible and very tourist friendly, with a great number of sunbathing spots, as well as water activities and shops, bars and restaurants. If you’d prefer a more relaxed beach day, there are serene spots on either side of Patong. Tri Tra Beach is one of them, just south of town which offers ideal sunbathing conditions as there are no trees on the sand creating shade.


Whether you fancy fast food, traditional street snacks or high-quality cuisines, you won’t be disappointed here in Patong. There’s a range of beachfront restaurants, food courts, seafood joints and street vendors in town. Notable restaurants include La Gritta, a fine-dine Italian restaurant offering stunning views of Patong Bay and gourmet cuisines; Sam’s Steaks & Grill which is renowned for its impeccable service and excellent quality steaks, and Sala Bua Restaurant, a beachfront eatery serving authentic Thai and international dishes.


Patong is the most popular beach hub in Phuket, offering a large choice of accommodation options. There are simple guesthouses and hostels, ultra-luxurious resorts and mid-range hotels, catering for all budgets. If you’d like to stay near the action in Bangla Road, then we recommend either Kokotel Phuket Patong or Lub d Phuket Patong; for families and couples, we recommend the PaTong Beach Pure Lotus Boutique Hotel or LIV Hotel Phuket Patong Beachfront.

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