5 Reasons Why Hong Kong is Asia’s Best City

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Hong Kong is located between mainland China and the South China Sea and is a major financial and cultural hub of Asia. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps and has several attractions as well as adventure sports to explore. The city is also home to several sandy beaches and has some of Asia’s best shopping centers for shopaholics. It also has diverse food culture due to its multi-cultural community and also home of Disneyland in Asia.

1. Excellent Transportation

Hong Kong’s transportation is probably the best in Asia which is both efficient and tourist-friendly at the same time. Their MTR subway system is very easy to understand and their double-decker buses, as well as trams’ are extremely convenient for both locals and tourists alike. The city is also the home of the world’s longest roofed escalator system which itself is a sight to behold and is an ideal place to experience Hong Kong’s picturesque skyline with several tall skyscrapers.

2. Inexpensive Salons, Spas, and Parlors

Hong Kong also has some of the best salons, parlors, and spas in the world that are extremely affordable and are ideal places to relax both your body and mind. Almost all these Hong Kong massage parlors have beautiful interior design and also plays relaxing music during body massage that will transport to a completely uncharted world. Some of Hong Kong’s most popular massage parlors and spas include Pure Massage, Tai Pan Reflexology, Ha-Lite, Love Spa, Zen Joy, etc.

3. Sizzling Nightlife

Hong Kong has a nightlife that other Asian cities can envy. Local residents love to party after a rigorous working day and its sizzling nightlife is a clear indication of that. Most of Hong Kong’s happening nightclubs are located in Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Lan Kwai Fong area and have some of the best local DJ’s playing popular songs both local and international while the party continues till the break of the dawn.

4. Amazing Hiking Trails and Amusement Parks

Even though Hong Kong is mostly famous for its tall skyscrapers and sizzling nightlife, not many people know that the city is also home of some of the most beautiful mountains, clear beaches, and endearing forests. All these gorgeous natural places include well-established and organized hiking trails of various levels and difficulties offering a nice way to work out while enjoying the degree of Hong Kong’s natural heritage.

Hong Kong also has the world-famous Disneyland Park as well as the Ocean Park, two of the ideal places to visit if you have family and children with you. At Disneyland, your children will have the time of their lives by playing around with famous Disney characters while at Ocean park, you will learn about the marine life as well as the adorable Jia-Jia panda and the scarce Red Panda.

5. Shopaholics’ Dream

Hong Kong is the biggest shopping destination in Asia and is every shopaholics’ dream. It is the ideal place for all your and your family’s shopping needs. Whether it is high-end shopping malls housing some of the best brands today or the local Chinese markets selling genuine relics, you will find a wide range of ethereal goodies in the city.

It is also a good destination for electronics shopping and if you can visit during the Chinese New Year, then you can avail some amazing deals and discounts on some of the latest electronic gadgets.

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