Vegetarian Wedding Food Catering services in Bangalore

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Finding a catering service for the wedding ceremony is a daunting task. Is it because you can’t find the right caterer in Bangalore? No, it is because you have to meet the standards of both hygiene and taste. You want to give a great dining experience for the guests. Hence, it is essential to keep several things in mind when you book a catering service. It is possible to have a whole range of choices of Indian and international cuisines but finding the best one requires a great deal of research and analysis. What are the aspects that one should consider? You must ask a few questions to get the right picture. Here are a few important things.


The most important thing is the budget. Wedding caterers charge different rates that depend on the scale they operate, cuisines they offer and the ingredients they use. Wedding food catering services in Bangalore that you hire must offer great food and efficient services according to your budget. It is possible to find such a caterer if you put effort into finding the best.


In a big city like Bangalore, you may find plenty of choices of regional and international cuisines. Once you have an idea about the guest list and their preference, you should search caterer that serves the desired cuisines. It is essential to shortlist two choices so that you have a backup.


You have to keep the balance between two types of food- one that will be prepared and stored beforehand and another that is required to cook ‘live’ in front of the guests. When you hire the caterer, as how many dishes he will prepare live and how many will be prepared beforehand.


You have to make sure about the ingredients used by the caterer.  Is it sourced from the local area or outside? Freshness and hygiene both are important. It will give you an insight into the quality of meals made by them. Since you search and shortlist catering service that serves only vegetarian food, there is no question of serving dishes that you don’t prefer. However, it is essential to get information about the quality of the food.


Some caterers have their personal transportation and logistics to travel to the venue. They do not charge separately for it. However, some caterers put the responsibility on the client. You must get the clarity about it while signing the agreement. It shouldn’t become a matter of dispute later.

Common mistakes people commit

Many times, people don’t pay much attention to the details. They assign the job to the in a hurry and have a bitter experience. What are the common mistakes which should be avoided?

  • You do not gather sufficient information: While choosing a catering contractor, you do not gather sufficient information. It may result in hiring a substandard caterer who can’t give you the quality of service up to your expectations.
  • You do not verify the taste and quality: it is essential to taste and quality of food before hiring. The food will be served to your guests. Hence, it is not good to trust the caterer blindly. Ask a food sample before you make your mind.
  • You do not choose the proper venue: The venue, menu, and caterer; all three are important. If you choose a caterer who can’t cook food at the venue, then you will face problems.

If you consider these aspects while shortlisting a caterer, then it becomes easy to find one from the available choices. Hiring the right catering service is the key to making your guests happy. Hence, do it carefully and systematically.


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