Performance of Honor 8a vs Honor 8x max

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We will discuss here the comparison between these two models on the basis of their entertainment part – game supportive abilities. This is the debate where we get into the true gaming muscles of these two models which are giving a tough time to 20 Pro. We all know that the latest honor 20 pro is long ahead from any other model in diverse specs but these Huawei Honor 8a is not less than any other phone. This phone is a gaming driving force, fine-tuned for the best android games and the way you want to play them.

One of the most interesting game fortnights runs at an unbelievably ease pace 60fps, and Honor has been very approaching towards the goals set by the company from the launched stuff. Things are also under the control and clear about how the Pro models outstrip every competing handset for the game. If you are a true gamer and love the way games run on a smartphone screen then I can confirm that it’s an incredible experience to use an honor model. You can enjoy the best part and smash through Fortnight, with the connection string, the motion slick, and the sound perfectly presented either via headphones or the internal speakers.

Gaming vs battery life of a smartphone

For all of the gamers, battery life is so important. They are usually indulged in stuff for long hours and it is really hard you can expect from a model to provide such a long life. What impresses most in terms of gaming while utilizing Honor 8x Max is the battery. The 4000mAh battery in this is fairly standard which can be utilized for long hours. There is a plus point between battery usage and the screen display. This model screen is designed with an LCD display, and there are some smart tech features crafted to save the battery. Features are built into the phone to optimize use for games and reduce battery drain so that it could last for long hours than one could expect.

Conclusive remarks about purchasing

Well, under normal circumstances, both models Huawei honor 8a and Honor 8x max would be perfect to use and my vote would go in yes box. Even with small problems and manufacturing errors such as the lack of a headphone socket, the camera stabbing out from the rear, and the relatively low resolution of the screen, these two models are amazing for daily routine work. The design and features are actually perfect for gaming and have the kind of features that younger audiences loved the most.

Not only to younger kind of audience but these two models also quite supportive for serious users due to the durability factor. The stylish, functional, and solidly built to grab the attention of all kinds of customers. If Honor under the banner of Huawei can play nicely with Google, and keep the phone up to date with the latest versions of the operating system, then you should absolutely consider the Honor 8x max as your next gaming phone.

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