Hotel near Rose Garden Chandigarh is a Beautiful Location to Stay

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Hotel near Rose Garden Chandigarh is one of the beautiful locations to stay in this perfectly planned city. Besides this popular garden, Punjab and Haryana capital also boasts of numerous other green stretches and parks that attract attention besides being important sightseeing points. As a part of the continuum of myriad theme gardens, Le Corbusier retained seasonal rivulet eroded Valley on the original city site. He sculptured it as a linear park, which is today 8 km long. Beginning at Sector 1 it ultimately ends at the edge of the city near Sector 53.

Rajendra Park

A vast expanse of 400 acres, Rajendra Park is the beginning point of Leisure Valley. Even when you are staying at hotels near IT Park Chandigarh, make it a point to come here and see the beauty that abounds in this green location. The greenery covers Secretariat building towards the eastern side. Corbusier himself planned this park‘s landscape scheme. Built-in the year 1954 today it is a favorite with joggers and morning walkers.

Bougainvillea Garden

Spread across 20 acres, Bougainvillea Garden as the name implies, consists of more than hundred types of Bougainvillea varieties in varying colors. Some flowering trees are also present here that offer colorful effect, a remarkable sight during the full bloom. This park opened during 1976 and since then has become a regular with visitors, especially during morning and evening.

Smriti Upvan

This special place allows people to plant any tree they want in loving memory of the dear departed souls. Every tree here symbolizes the spirits of those who have left the mortal lands to seek heavenly abodes. If you are staying at a hotel near Rose Garden Chandigarh, it will be worthwhile to come here as a part of Le Corbusier trail, and take away with us the special memories from this place. The very first Banyan tree was planted in the year 1998 when Smriti Upvan open to the public than in the memory of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

Rose Garden at Sector 16

The garden has been named after Zakir Hussain was a former President of India. It opened in a year 1967 under M.S. Randhwa, the 1st Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh. Being the largest of its kind in Asia, it is an important tourist destination for people who come to this city for one reason or another. Spread across more than 27 acres of verdant land, it contains 17,000+ plants with almost 1600 different kinds of roses. Besides these beautiful blossoms, stress has also been given to the growth of plants with medicinal value as well as some unique species, which enhance the overall garden beauty. Listed among National Events Calendar, Garden Festival in February is a must visit occurrence.

So, come here during this time because the Hotel near Rose Garden Chandigarh is a Beautiful Location to Stay!

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