Nandadevi : Most Revered Name Among Indian Mountains

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These mountaineers always nurture a dream of capturing the high rising peaks which are difficult to climb and hence waiting to be conquered. In India Himalayas, the longest, as well as highest mountain range, has remained the talk of the worldwide mountaineers, who visit India very often just to put their flags on these highest points. The joy of pegging these mountain summits is altogether unique.

India blessed with many high rising peaks and mountain ranges offers a lot of scope for mountain expeditions. Mountaineering in India can be enjoyed at the vast array of mountains starting from Himalaya, Hindu Kush upto Karakoram mountain ranges touching the borders of Afghanistan. Indian mountains have always remained the hot topic for worldwide mountain climbers and Himalaya which is passing through many Indian states is always on the top of the list. Among more than eight thousand mountain peaks many peaks still remain in the list of virgin peaks meaning still to be conquered keeping a lot of scope for the professional mountaineers to step on the top of their summits.

Sikkim Himalaya is one of the most popular ranges bordering countries like Nepal and China and a gateway for the expeditions to Tibet on their way to the world famous Mount Everest. Being one of the most popular roads to Everest most of the expeditions pass through Sikkim.

Uttarakhand the Himalayan state of India is blessed with some of the highest mountain peaks in the world in its northern section, which are not climbed or named till date. This offers tremendous scope for the Mountaineers as well as tourists, who are interested in exploring as well as staying amidst these snow-capped summits. These mountains are said to be the abode of gods since historic times offering a unique serenity and tranquillity to the visitors. The tallest and most beautiful among the Uttarakhand peaks is Nanda Devi peak at an enthralling height of more than seven thousand eight hundred km. Pindari glacier is also one of the popular locations among Bageshwar attractions.

Nanda Devi is the awesome tourist spot in Bageshwar district attracting tourists towards its memorable home stays, sprawling valleys covered with greenery and exclusive flowers, and the views of snow-capped peaks is all that brings hordes of visitors to this awesome location. The Biosphere reserve covering a huge area of peaks, gorges and rivers surrounded by the mountain ranges is the topmost priority of tourist. The sanctuary is spread on more than six hundred sq km of Rishi valley surrounded with panoramic views and a blend of a variety of shades of greenery. The nearby villages of Reni and Lata are the best for nature walks, where you will be passing through Himalayan bounty and getting some of the sumptuous views like a herd of ships grazing on the green patches or the village girls wearing traditional costumes and carrying an earthen pot of milk on their heads. Nanda Devi has all the fun trapped in its widespread surroundings come here and get your share of what you were just dreaming before.

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